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ECF Online Training Components for Attorneys and Legal Assistants

 Self paced training modules specific to ECF filing with the Oregon Bankruptcy Court.
 The Court's ECF Proficiency Exam, which involves filing documents in the Court's ECF Training Database.

Steps to Obtain an ECF Login and Password

 Complete an Attorney Registration Form and submit it using the Attorney Registration Web Page. You will receive a login and password to the Training Database via email. Creditor-only attorneys will also receive a training case number to complete the proficiency exam.
 View the relevant self paced training modules.
 Complete the ECF Proficiency Exam in the ECF Training Database.
 Email the Court with the case number of the completed ECF Proficiency Exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a login and password to the Court's ECF Live database via email.

Self Paced Training Modules

NOTE: Adobe Flash Player is required to view the modules. Screen shots contained in the modules below may not match exactly to the screens in the Training or Live databases. Each module may take several minutes to download. This issue will be remedied later this year. In the meantime, you may contact us to request faster copies on CD.

  Introduction for Attorney Filers
Case Upload
Missing Documents Filed
Amended Schedules (Fee)
Amended Schedules (No Fee)
Notice and Motion for Relief from Stay
Response and Notice of Hearing
Refile Fee Event with No Fee
Order Upload
Open an Adversary Proceeding
Query, Mobile Query, Search

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