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Electronic Filing of Request for Audio Recording of Court Proceeding

May 18, 2017

The court has now implemented the ability to electronically file a request for an audio recording. The new ECF event can be found under Miscellaneous, Request for Audio Recording of Court Proceedings. ECF filers do not need to complete an order form but will need the date and time of the court proceeding to enter when prompted. The filing instructions page can be found on our website under Hearings, Order an Audio Recording of a Court Proceeding.
After your request and payment have been received by the court, the audio recording in the format you request will be sent to you in a link via Microsoft OneDrive and emailed to the primary email address associated with your ECF account. The court will continue to provide CDs to non-ECF filers who have filed their request on LBF 335 and do not have an email account. LBF 335 has been updated to reflect the new procedure.