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Portland Case Reassignments and Local Form Changes

January 11, 2015

Peter C. McKittrick assumes the office of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in Portland, Oregon on  Monday, January 12.  In anticipation of this change, a number of cases have been transferred from Judge Elizabeth L. Perris to Judge McKittrick, Judge Brown, and Judge Dunn.  Judge Perris has also retained some cases.  Please check the case docket for any case formerly assigned to Judge Perris to determine the current presiding judge.

The following Local Bankruptcy Forms (LBF's) have been updated to add telephone hearing information for Judge McKittrick:  1124, Chapter 11/12 Notice of Stay Relief Motion; 1355.05, Notice of Ch 12/13 Pre-Confirmation Plan Modification; and 1366.3, Notice of Hearing Re: Trustee Godare's Motion to Dismiss/Convert.  

In addition, the following LBF was previously updated to change the Chapter 13 Trustee's name per the January 1st appointment of Naliko Markel:  1351E (formerly numbered 1351L), Order Directing Employer to Pay Wages.

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