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To maximize your search potential please use the following key search techniques. Also refer to
the "Search Technique Information" for more search clues.

If you wish to search using special characters such as parentheses you must either use spaces where the special character is expected or do a literal search (i.e., if searching for 362(c) use either 362 c or "362(C)").

If you're looking for a certain judge's opinions search by their initials (i.e., Alley fra, Brown tmb, Dunn rld,
Perris elp, Renn tmr).

Search terms are not case sensitive.

A literal search requires use of double quotes around the word(s).

Adobe provides a "find" search field once a PDF file is opened to locate the search term within the opinion file.


Most court opinion documents are searchable, although some documents (e.g., older court opinions, letter rulings prior to 2005) may only have searchable summaries. If you are not receiving the results you expect, please review the Search Technique Information for instructions on performing various types of searches and expected results.