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Ch. 7/13 Relief From Stay Hearing

Portland / Eugene - Telephone Hearings

Instructions: From the list below, select the first hearing date that is at least six [6] calendar days after the Response to the Motion will be filed with [e.g., received at] the court.

For example, if your Response will be filed on Wednesday the 9th, and the next hearing dates are Tuesday the 15th and Tuesday the 22nd, you must select the 15th.

Note: Dates and times are subject to change.  If you are working from a printed version of this document, please check for any updates before scheduling a hearing.

Hearings start at 1:30 unless otherwise noted
Revised 05/18/2018

Hearing Date Day Judge
05/22/2018 Tuesday McKittrick
05/29/2018 Tuesday Hercher
06/05/2018 Tuesday Brown
06/12/2018 Tuesday Renn
06/19/2018 Tuesday McKittrick
06/26/2018 Tuesday Hercher
07/03/2018 Tuesday Brown
07/10/2018 Tuesday Hercher
07/17/2018 Tuesday McKittrick
07/27/2018 Friday @ 11:00 Brown
07/31/2018 Tuesday Brown
08/07/2018 Tuesday Brown
08/14/2018 Tuesday Hercher
08/21/2018 Tuesday Brown
08/28/2018 Tuesday Hercher
09/04/2018 Tuesday Renn
09/11/2018 Tuesday McKittrick
09/18/2018 Tuesday Renn
09/25/2018 Tuesday Hercher
10/02/2018 Tuesday Renn
10/09/2018 Tuesday Renn
10/16/2018 Tuesday McKittrick
10/23/2018 Tuesday Brown
11/01/2018 Thursday @ 11:00 Brown
11/06/2018 Tuesday McKittrick
11/13/2018 Tuesday Renn
11/20/2018 Tuesday McKittrick
11/27/2018 Tuesday Hercher
12/04/2018 Tuesday Hercher
12/11/2018 Tuesday Renn
12/18/2018 Tuesday Hercher
12/27/2018 Thursday McKittrick