September 1, 2014
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Honorable Frank R. Alley
Chief Judge

Charlene M. Hiss
Clerk of Court

8/27/12 - Launch of Redesigned Website on 9/3/14 expand

The Court is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website on September 3, 2014. The new website features a user-friendly look and feel, a more robust search capability, and accessibility features such as the ability to change the text size and a read-aloud feature (called BrowseAloud). It also preserves some of the features that users enjoyed on the previous website, including information targeted to specific audiences such as debtors, creditors, and attorneys.

The Court's new website is based on a judiciary-wide template now used in many Federal courts, making it easier for users who conduct business in multiple districts to locate items of interest more quickly. If you have comments or suggestions on the new site, please click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the new website.

8/13/14 - Updated LBF #100.3 expand

LBF #100.3, Debtor's Motion for Extension or Exemption Re Credit Counseling/Financial Management Course, has been modified to correct the period in which the debtor could not obtain credit counseling services to 7 days.

08-05-14 Job Opening for Term Law Clerk expand

Judge Randall L. Dunn of The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon is accepting qualified applications for the full-time position of Term Law Clerk. Detailed information about the position including qualifications, duties, and application procedures can be found at www.orb.uscourts.gov.

Court Closure - The court will be closed, in observance of the holiday, on Sep 1, 2014.

Emergency Court Closures -
These closures, including weather related, are announced on the court's telephone system in the affected office. Closure details may also be found on this website.