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How do I get a copy of all or part of the record of a court proceeding or get a written transcript of it?

The court uses digital recording equipment to electronically create a record of a court proceeding in the Portland and Eugene locations. For hearings outside of these locations, for example hearings held in Bend and Pendleton, a contract court reporter is employed to create a verbatim record of proceedings.

1. Digitally recorded proceedings:

a. Transcript of Hearing - complete local form LBF #335, Hearings Transcript Order Form. The transcriptionist will contact you to give you an estimate of the cost and to arrange for payment.

b. Copy of Hearing on CD - Complete local form LBF #335.5, Hearing CD Order Form, and submit the form, along with a check for the required deposit made payable to the “Clerk, US Bankruptcy Court” and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the CD (which holds approximately 45-60 minutes of hearing time) to the appropriate Clerk’s office. The court will make a duplicate CD and send it to you in the envelope provided.

2. Court reporter recorded proceedings:

a. For any Eugene hearings prior to 1/1/09, contact the court at 541-431-4000 to obtain court reporter contact information.  Hearings after that date are digitally recorded.

b. For Medford hearings prior to 4/4/2010 and Klamath Falls hearings, contact Eileen Leddy at 541-479-7277.  Hearings after that date are digitally recorded.

c. For Bend and Pendleton hearings, call the courtroom deputy at 503-326-1500 to obtain court reporter contact information. Bend hearings held via telephone are digitally recorded.

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