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Notes On Recently Updated Local Forms

Form No. Form Name and Description Revision Notes
100 Instructions for Filing an Individual Bankruptcy Case

Clarified that Statement of Social Security Number now needs to be filed; updated reference to new chapter 13 plan.

1300.17 Ch. 13 Plan [Use w/ Case Filed or Converted On/After 12/1/17]

New chapter 13 plan form adopted in compliance with FRBP 3015.1.

1305 Ch. 13 Debtor’s Atty’s Disclosure of Compensation

Revised to require the filing of LBF 1306 in conjunction with a Schedule 2 attorney fee itemization.

1306 Fee and Expense Itemization; Request for Approval of Attorney Fees

New LBF required to be filed with a Schedule 2 attorney fee itemization.

1350.17 Ch. 13 Order Confirming Plan

Implements new chapter 13 plan form (LBF 1300.17).

1355.05 Notice of Pre-Confirmation Amendment of Plan and Confirmation Hearing

Clarifies that amended plans must be filed at least 28 days before a scheduled confirmation hearing, and revises objection procedures and deadlines.

335 Transcript Order Instructions

Removed links to email addresses.

335.5 Audio Recording of Court Proceedings Order Form

Removed reference to retired Judge Alley.

717 Notice of Lien Avoidance Motion

Added a second FRBP 7004 reference to address common service error issue.

720.50 General Relief From Stay Procedures

Formatting & style update.

720.80 Ch. 7/13 Motion/Response re: Relief from Debtor/CoDebtor Stay

Paragraph 2 revised to distinguish plan payments to the trustee from direct payments to secured creditors.

760.5 Notice of Intent to Sell Real or Personal Property Free and Clear of Liens

Changes to certificate of service, as the clerk cannot ensure proper service of the notice.

763 Objection to Claim, and Order and Notice Thereon

Paragraphs 1 and 4 revised per 12/1/17 changes to FRBP 3007 and LBR 3007-1(b).