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Courtroom Wireless

Acceptable Use Policy for Wireless Access

  • Authorized use only.

  • Use may be monitored.

  • Court staff will not provide technical assistance.

  • The Court does not guarantee the reliability or security of this Internet service.

Public Wireless Network Information

SSID: orx_attorney

Authentication Type: WPA2-PSK

Encryption: AES

Current Key/Password: Please ask courtroom deputy

Courtroom Wireless Contacts


U.S. Bankruptcy Court IT Help Desk (503-326-1999)


U.S. Bankruptcy Court: IT Help Desk (503-326-1999)

How to Connect

1. Turn on Wi-Fi radio and search for available wireless networks.

2. Select “orx_attorney” network (SSID).

3. Enter current key provided by court and confirm connection.

4. A captive portal will open.

5. Read “Acceptable Use Policy” and click on “I accept” button.