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Order an Audio Recording of a Court Proceeding

If you are an E-Filer with an ECF account, you do not need to complete the order form. Please request an audio recording in ECF as explained below.

  • In ECF, click the Bankruptcy menu followed by Miscellaneous
  • In the event list, select Request for Audio Recording of Court Proceedings
  • Enter the Date and Time of the court proceeding when prompted
  • Make a credit card payment when prompted ($32.00 per court proceeding)

After your order and payment have been received by the court, the audio link will be emailed to the primary email address associated with the ECF account.

If you do not possess an ECF filing account, follow the instructions on the Audio Recording of Court Proceedings Order Form.

To order an audio recording of a meeting of creditors, contact the U.S. Trustee at (503) 326-4000 for Portland division cases and (541) 465-6330 for Eugene division cases.