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Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed funds are funds held by the bankruptcy court for an owner or recipient who is entitled to the money, but who has failed to claim ownership of it. Unclaimed funds may arise out of a variety of circumstances. For example, delivery of a payment may not be possible because of faulty or incomplete address information for the recipient. In other instances, proceeds or uncashed dividend checks from bankruptcy cases may not have been claimed by the parties, agencies, next of kin, or other recipients entitled to them.

A link to the court's list of unclaimed funds, searchable by name of the person to whom the money is owed, is below.  To claim the funds, the party entitled to the funds, or the party’s agent, must file with the court a Petition for Unclaimed Funds on Local Bankruptcy Form 391 and submit it to the Portland office of the court. A copy of the petition must be sent to the United States Attorney at the address listed on the petition form.

All claims must have proper documentation. These should include at least the following:

  1. Legible photocopy of the petitioner's photo identification such as driver`s license or passport.
  2. If the person claiming the funds is not the person in whose name the funds were deposited, documents showing that the petitioner is authorized to act on the original claimant's behalf (for example, a notarized power of attorney, guardianship appointment, etc.) or is otherwise entitled to the funds (for example, through death and inheritance).
  3. If the entity claiming the funds is not the entity in whose name the funds were deposited, documents establishing the chain of ownership and a notarized document indicating that the person petitioning for the funds is authorized to do so for the current owner of record.
  4. The claimant's social security or tax identification number is required for processing of all payments of unclaimed funds.

For more information, contact the court at (503) 326-1500.

Unclaimed Funds Search

An unclaimed funds public search utility is located at

To search for funds deposited with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Oregon, complete fields as appropriate to narrow your search.

The unclaimed funds public search utility may also be used to search unclaimed funds records maintained in several other bankruptcy courts. Each court maintains their own unclaimed funds records, and some may make their lists available only on their court websites or in the clerk's office. Please contact individual bankruptcy courts for information regarding the availability of unclaimed funds lists and procedures for applying for unclaimed funds deposited with that court.

Unclaimed Funds Petition Form

Local Bankruptcy Form 391