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General Information

Court Fees lists all fees required to file documents in bankruptcy cases and fees for other services offered by the Court.  The Court allows the fee for filing a bankruptcy petition to be paid in installments; for more information and to apply for installments, see LBF 110.

Court Holidays lists the legal holidays on which the Court closes per Fed.R.Bankr.Proc. 5001(c) and 9006(a)(6).  If a deadline for filing or making a payment expires on a legal holiday, the deadline is extended to the next day on which the clerk's office is accessible that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.

Filing Checklist is a helpful aid for checking that all documents needed to file a bankruptcy case have been completed.

Pro Bono Program contains information on the Court administered program which provides legal representation for specific puposes to those who cannot afford an attorney. 

Online Payments provides instructions and links for making payments online.

Statistics shows the number of bankruptcy cases filed in Oregon by chapter, county and office for the preceding 10 years.

Unclaimed Funds provides a searchable list of individuals who are owed funds from a bankruptcy case but could not be located by the trustee.  It also provides information about how to apply for the funds.

Understanding Bankruptcy provides a general overview of bankruptcy along with helpful links to additional information.