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Judges & Opinions

The Judges & Chambers Staff page lists the judges of the court and provides contact information for their judicial assistants, law clerks, and courtroom deputies.

Opinions are written decisions by judges explaining their application of the law to the facts of a particular case.  Opinions pertaining to a specific case may be referenced in a different case by the parties to support or refute a position.  Certain opinions may also be published by legal research services such as Westlaw and LexisNexis.  The Opinions page displays the judges’ opinions since 1990 and provides a search capability.

The Judicial Conference of the United States requires that judges report any attendance at a privately funded educational program and also post this information on the court’s website.  The Administrative Office of the United States Courts maintains an automated reporting system to capture the information.  The Seminar Disclosures page provides a report from the reporting system for Oregon Bankruptcy Court judges.

Congress has created a procedure that permits any person to file a complaint in the courts concerning the behavior of federal judges - but not about the decisions federal judges make in deciding cases.  The Judicial Misconduct page provides a link to more information on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals website about filing a complaint.