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Recently Updated Local Forms

Form No. Form Name and Description Revision Date
100 Procedures re: Filing an Individual Bankruptcy Case 12/01/2020
1190 Notice of Order Confirming Chapter 11 Plan and Compensation Applications 12/01/2020
1191.3 Individual Debtor’s Motion for Entry of Discharge; and Statement re 11 U.S.C. § 522(q)(1) Applicability 12/01/2020
1191.5 Chapter 11 Subchapter V Debtor's Motion for Entry of Discharge 12/01/2020
1193 Order Awarding Final Compensation and Reimbursement to Professionals 12/01/2020
1195 Final Account and Payment of Allowed Attorney Fees and Closing Order 12/01/2020
1300.17 Chapter 13 Plan [Use to file original plans on or after 12/1/2020 and amend plans originally filed on LBF 1300.17.] 12/01/2020
1355.05 Notice of Preconfirmation Amendment of Plan and Confirmation Hearing 12/01/2020
1366 Notice of Hearing on Chapter 13 Trustee's Motion to Dismiss/Convert Case 12/01/2020
1367.92 Debtor's Motion to Reopen Chapter 7 or 13 Case and, if Applicable, to Vacate Dismissal 12/01/2020
200 Procedures re: Filing a Non-Individual Bankruptcy Case 12/01/2020
335.5 Audio Recording of Court Proceedings Order Form 12/01/2020
541 Notice of Final Hearing on Motion For Use Of Cash Collateral/To Obtain Credit 12/01/2020
541.1 Notice of Preliminary Hearing on Motion For Use of Cash Collateral/To Obtain Credit 12/01/2020
760.5 Notice of Intent to Sell Real or Personal Property, Compensate Real Estate Broker, and/or Pay any Secured Creditor's Fees and Costs; Motion for Authority to Sell Property Free and Clear of Liens; and Notice of Hearing 12/01/2020