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LBF 1366 Dates for Ch.13 Trustee's Motions to Dismiss, Motions to Convert, or 10-Day Notices of Default

Instructions: Verify the judge assigned to the case in CM/ECF, and from the list below, select the case judge's link for available hearing dates.  Choose the first date which is at least six (6) calendar days after the Notice of Hearing will be filed and insert it in your filing.   Click here for information and filing procedures regarding the Notice of Hearing on Objections to Trustee's Motion to Dismiss/Convert/10 Day Notice of Default.

It is recommended that you check the website when you need a hearing date as this information is updated regularly. 

Judge David W. Hercher

Judge Peter C. McKittrick

Judge Teresa H. Pearson - Bend Cases

Judge Teresa H. Pearson - Marion/Polk/Lincoln County Cases

Judge Thomas M. Renn