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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Case No.
09/03/2021 In re Gilgan 19-32009-pcm13
08/11/2021 In re Heard 15-35564-pcm13
05/11/2021 In re North Pacific Canners & Packers Inc. 19-62584-pcm11
03/23/2021 State of Oregon v. Hutchins (In re Hutchins) 19-3086-tmb
11/25/2020 Yadeto v. The Standard Insurance (In re Yadeto) 20-3044-pcm
09/29/2020 In re Wright 19-63318-tmr7
08/12/2020 In re Freeland 19-32309-pcm7
03/10/2020 Szanto v. Szanto (In re Szanto) 16-3114-pcm
02/21/2020 Amborn v. Taylor et al.; United States Trustee v. Lester (In re Lester) 16-6126-tmr; 17-6014-tmr
02/05/2020 Holdner v. Kreitzberg et al (In re Data Systems Inc) 19-3028-tmb
01/15/2020 In re Orozco, In re Figueroa 19-60726-pcm13; 19-61230-pcm13
12/11/2019 Dennis' Seven Dees Landscaping, Inc. v. Pickett (In re Pickett) 19-3004-tmb
11/25/2019 Szanto v. Szanto (In re Szanto) 16-3114-pcm
09/17/2019 Smith v. Department of Education (In re Smith & Clark) 17-6086-tmr
08/23/2019 Nitcher v. ECMC, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust et al (In re Nitcher) 18-3090-pcm
05/16/2019 Pearce v. Woodfield (In re Woodfield) 18-3120-tmb
09/04/2018 Hull et al. v. Klamath County (In re Hull) 17-6089-tmr
04/30/2018 Szanto v. Bank of America (In re Szanto) 16-3118-pcm
03/12/2018 Ameriflex v. Zoller (In re Ameriflex Engineering LLC) 17-6024-tmr
03/08/2018 In re Evans 17-62302-tmr13
03/08/2018 In re Kees 16-62660-tmr7
01/23/2018 Eiler v. Hartner (In re Hartner) 17-3112-tmb
12/13/2017 Kunda v. Shaul (In re Shaul) 16-3091-pcm
11/08/2017 In re Peak Web LLC 16-32311-pcm11
07/05/2017 Ticor Title Ins. Co. v. Brandenfels (In re Sally Jane Brandenfels) 9th Cir. 15-60075
06/14/2017 In re Berjac of Oregon 12-63884-tmr7
06/13/2017 Szanto v. Internal Revenue Service, et al. (In re Szanto) 16-3141-pcm
06/13/2017 Szanto v. JPMorgan Chase et al. (In re Szanto) 16-3118-pcm
03/06/2017 Krein v. Szewc et al. (In re Szewc/Updegraff) 14-6086-tmr
02/13/2017 Huffman v. Gollersrud (In re Westby) 16-6018-fra
02/07/2017 Machine Zone, Inc. v. Peak Web LLC (In re Peak Web LLC) Dist. Ct. 16-1832-SI
12/05/2016 In re Parmenter BAP # OR-15-1170-TaKuJu
10/21/2016 Baczkowski v. Bank of New York Mellon et al. (In re Baczkowski) Dist. Ct. 16-150-MC
10/20/2016 Hunsaker v. United States (In re Hunsaker) Dist. Ct. 16-386-MC
09/15/2016 In re Gilbert 16-30040-pcm13
08/24/2016 Machine Zone v. Peak Web (In re Peak Web LLC) 16-3083-pcm
08/24/2016 In re Wait 15-33254-rld7
08/15/2016 Sato v. Hanlon 16-6040-tmr
05/27/2016 Keating v. Deutsche Bank (In re Miller) 16-6023-fra
05/13/2016 Beard v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLP (In re Beard) Dist. Ct. 15-1858-AA
03/29/2016 Credit Bureau of Josephine County v. Todor (In re Todor) Dist. Ct. 15-1120-AA
03/17/2016 Federal National Mortgage Association v. Meeko (In re Meeko) Dist. Ct. 15-1200-AA
03/07/2016 Chapman v. Bond (In re Bond) 15-6038-tmr
02/26/2016 In re Banks 14-35264-rld13
01/22/2016 In re Kent 09-35124-tmb13
01/13/2016 Hunsaker v. United States (In re Hunsaker) 14-6218-fra
12/15/2015 In re D'Agnese 15-61167-fra13
12/03/2015 In re Howland 14-31498-rld7
10/21/2015 In re Sanger-Morales 14-31997-rld7
09/28/2015 In re Jacobson 11-63542-tmr7
09/25/2015 Cronk v. Oregon Credit and Collections Bureau, Inc. (In re Cronk) 14-6220-tmr
09/08/2015 Daniels v. Holman (In re Holman) 14-3285-rld
09/02/2015 Freeland v. U.S. Dept. of Education, et al. (In re Freeland) 14-6102-fra
08/12/2015 In re Christianson 15-60288-fra13
06/18/2015 Brown v. Buerger (In re Brown) Dist. Ct. 15-205-BR
06/17/2015 Koch v. Olsson (In re Olsson) Dist. Ct. 14-1686-AA
04/29/2015 Bank of New York Mellon v. Watt (In re Watt) Dist. Ct. 14-2051-AA
04/16/2015 Credit Bureau of Josephine County v. Deborah Ranee Todor (In re Todor) 14-6195-fra
04/16/2015 Endeavor Structured Equity and Mezzanine Fund I, LP and THL Credit, Inc. v. Engel et al. (In re C & K Market, Inc.) 14-6119-fra
04/15/2015 Arnot v. Endresen et al. (In re Endresen) 14-3131-rld
04/03/2015 Bender Industrial Group v. Herbert (In re Herbert) 14-3211-tmb
03/13/2015 Nunez v. Key Education Resources/GLESI (In re Nunez) 14-3177-rld
02/19/2015 McCracken v. Arnot (In re Pacific Cargo Services) BAP # OR-14-1036-KiKuJu
02/17/2015 In re Mazzuca 09-40830-rld7
02/10/2015 In re Benbrook 11-60781-fra12
02/04/2015 Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones v. Arlie & Co. (In re Arlie & Company) 14-6206-fra
12/30/2014 In re Moglia 11-35022-elp13
12/16/2014 In re Taggart 09-39216-rld7
12/08/2014 United States Trustee v. Cam (In re Prakopiy Cam) 13-3318-elp
11/10/2014 In re Yarber 14-32582-rld7
10/14/2014 In re Watt 14-31295-tmb13
08/26/2014 Charter v. Kearney (In re Colen) 13-6109-tmr
07/22/2014 In re Sugg 14-60916-fra13
05/06/2014 In re Bay Club Partners-472,LLC 14-30394-rld11
04/18/2014 In re Pineda 13-35969-rld13
04/17/2014 In re Ricardo and Christine Ruiz 12-63323-tmr13
04/08/2014 In re C & K Market, Inc. 13-64561-fra11
04/08/2014 In re Ellen Marguerite McCracken 13-37719-rld11
03/28/2014 In re Jammie and Melissa Hartley 13-61182-fra7
03/12/2014 In re Lisa M. Holifield 13-63536-fra13
02/26/2014 In re Clayton Smith and Cristle Smith 13-61627-tmr7
01/27/2014 Charter v. Bennett et al. (In re Bennett) 12-6136-tmr
12/13/2013 Murray v. Hanley (In re John M. Hanley) 13-3046-rld
12/04/2013 Orchard v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. et al. (In re Orchard) 12-6197-tmr
12/02/2013 UST v. Jones (In re Jerry Alan Jones) 9th Cir. 12-35665
10/31/2013 Grover v. HomeStreet Bank et al. (In re Grover) 13-6013-tmr
10/15/2013 Grogan v. Harvest Capital Co. et al. (In re Grogan) BAP # OR-12-1483-JuTaPa
10/04/2013 Harris v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. et al. (In re James E. Harris) 12-3113-elp
09/24/2013 In re Walmsley 12-61054-tmr13
09/18/2013 In re Pacific Cargo Services, LLC 13-30439-tmb7
09/10/2013 In re Charles and Sarah Grogan 11-65409-fra11
09/10/2013 In re Lee 13-60647-tmr7
09/03/2013 In re Bennett 12-60642-tmr7
08/27/2013 In re Green 13-60271-tmr13
08/27/2013 In re Drescher 12-64729-tmr7
08/09/2013 Monk v. LSI Title Co. of Oregon et al. (In re Lester and Mary Monk) 10-6067-fra
07/16/2013 In re Barnes 12-65084-tmr7
07/12/2013 Sequoia Partners, LLC v. Rogue River Mortgage, LLC et al. (In re Sequoia Partners, LLC) 10-6270-fra
07/01/2013 McEdwards v. Welch (In re Stephen and Annette Welch) 13-6032-fra
06/27/2013 In re Christopher Braswell 13-60564-fra13
06/14/2013 In re Jonathan and Cheryl Hunsaker 12-64782-fra13
06/10/2013 In re Loverin Ranch 12-38626-rld12
05/22/2013 Hedlund v. The Educational Resources Institute Inc. et al. (In re Hedlund) 9th Cir. 12-35258
04/26/2013 In re Charles and Sarah Grogan 11-65409-fra11
04/04/2013 In re John A. Pahl 09-30495-rld7
03/14/2013 In re Harold Whitescorn 13-60159-fra13
02/14/2013 In re James and Liz Kline 12-65099-fra11
02/11/2013 In re David and Linda Culpepper 09-38599-rld7
01/31/2013 In re Larry M. Salyers 13-60140-tmr7
12/19/2012 Rios v. Hiday (In re Salvador Rios and Mariareli Rios-Areanas) 11-6247-fra
12/18/2012 In re Maritime Services Corp. 12-34978-rld11
12/04/2012 In re Cynthia Nork 12-63141-fra7
12/03/2012 Monk v. LSI Title Co. of Oregon et al. (In re Lester and Mary Monk) 10-6067-fra
11/05/2012 In re Culpepper 09-38599-rld7
10/25/2012 In re Jack F. Lane and Marilyn K. Lane 12-36873-elp7
10/11/2012 In re Clinton and Delynn Tucker 10-67281-fra11
08/31/2012 Legacy Financial Services, Inc. v. Lynch (In re Brian Michael Lynch) 11-6224-fra
08/15/2012 Campbell v. Southern Oregon University, et al. (In re Sheila Noel Campbell) BAP # OR-11-1342-JuMkH
08/09/2012 Williams v. United States Trustee (In re Gary Daniel Williams) Dist. Ct. 12-671-HO
07/31/2012 Sequoia Partners, LLC v. Rogue River Mortgage, LLC et al. (In re Sequoia Partners, LLC) 10-6270-fra
07/26/2012 Grogan v. Harvest Capital Co. et al. (In re Grogan) 11-6276-tmr
06/22/2012 Shamrock Building Materials, Inc. v. Dawson (In re Rebecca J. Dawson) 12-3042-rld
06/13/2012 In re Iaquinta 10-63501-fra13
05/24/2012 Sugar v. Eimstad (In re Eimstad) 11-6231-fra
05/10/2012 State of Oregon, DHS v. Hickey (In re Hickey), State of Oregon, DHS v. Scudder (In re Scudder) 11-6204-fra; 11-6206-fra
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