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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Judicial opinions from the District of Oregon, as well as other participating courts from throughout the nation, can also be accessed through the U.S. Government Publishing Office's United States Courts Opinions web page. This national site contains Oregon Bankruptcy Court judicial opinions starting from 2004. To view judicial opinions on the GPO’s website, click here

Case No.
03/29/2024 In re Tracy Lampron Cloud 23-32824-pcm7
03/29/2024 United States Trustee v. Bray et al. (In re Nelson) 23-3065-pcm
06/29/2023 In re Roy MacMillan 23-30159-thp11
05/09/2023 In re Uzcanga-Ramirez 22-31705-pcm7
02/03/2023 Pacificorp v. North Pacific Canners & Packers, Inc. et al (In re North Pacific Canners & Packers, Inc. et al.) Dist. Ct. 21-863-AA
12/21/2022 In re Frysinger 22-31202-thp13
09/03/2021 In re Gilgan 19-32009-pcm13
08/11/2021 In re Heard 15-35564-pcm13
05/11/2021 In re North Pacific Canners & Packers Inc. 19-62584-pcm11
03/23/2021 State of Oregon v. Hutchins (In re Hutchins) 19-3086-tmb
11/25/2020 Yadeto v. The Standard Insurance (In re Yadeto) 20-3044-pcm
09/29/2020 In re Wright 19-63318-tmr7
08/12/2020 In re Freeland 19-32309-pcm7
03/10/2020 Szanto v. Szanto (In re Szanto) 16-3114-pcm
02/21/2020 Amborn v. Taylor et al.; United States Trustee v. Lester (In re Lester) 16-6126-tmr; 17-6014-tmr
02/05/2020 Holdner v. Kreitzberg et al (In re Data Systems Inc) 19-3028-tmb
01/15/2020 In re Orozco, In re Figueroa 19-60726-pcm13; 19-61230-pcm13
12/11/2019 Dennis' Seven Dees Landscaping, Inc. v. Pickett (In re Pickett) 19-3004-tmb
11/25/2019 Szanto v. Szanto (In re Szanto) 16-3114-pcm
09/17/2019 Smith v. Department of Education (In re Smith & Clark) 17-6086-tmr
08/23/2019 Nitcher v. ECMC, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust et al (In re Nitcher) 18-3090-pcm
05/16/2019 Pearce v. Woodfield (In re Woodfield) 18-3120-tmb
09/04/2018 Hull et al. v. Klamath County (In re Hull) 17-6089-tmr
04/30/2018 Szanto v. Bank of America (In re Szanto) 16-3118-pcm
03/12/2018 Ameriflex v. Zoller (In re Ameriflex Engineering LLC) 17-6024-tmr
03/08/2018 In re Evans 17-62302-tmr13
03/08/2018 In re Kees 16-62660-tmr7
01/23/2018 Eiler v. Hartner (In re Hartner) 17-3112-tmb
12/13/2017 Kunda v. Shaul (In re Shaul) 16-3091-pcm
11/08/2017 In re Peak Web LLC 16-32311-pcm11
07/05/2017 Ticor Title Ins. Co. v. Brandenfels (In re Sally Jane Brandenfels) 9th Cir. 15-60075
06/14/2017 In re Berjac of Oregon 12-63884-tmr7
06/13/2017 Szanto v. JPMorgan Chase et al. (In re Szanto) 16-3118-pcm
06/13/2017 Szanto v. Internal Revenue Service, et al. (In re Szanto) 16-3141-pcm
03/06/2017 Krein v. Szewc et al. (In re Szewc/Updegraff) 14-6086-tmr
02/13/2017 Huffman v. Gollersrud (In re Westby) 16-6018-fra
02/07/2017 Machine Zone, Inc. v. Peak Web LLC (In re Peak Web LLC) Dist. Ct. 16-1832-SI
12/05/2016 In re Parmenter BAP # OR-15-1170-TaKuJu
10/21/2016 Baczkowski v. Bank of New York Mellon et al. (In re Baczkowski) Dist. Ct. 16-150-MC
10/20/2016 Hunsaker v. United States (In re Hunsaker) Dist. Ct. 16-386-MC
09/15/2016 In re Gilbert 16-30040-pcm13
08/24/2016 Machine Zone v. Peak Web (In re Peak Web LLC) 16-3083-pcm
08/24/2016 In re Wait 15-33254-rld7
08/15/2016 Sato v. Hanlon 16-6040-tmr
05/27/2016 Keating v. Deutsche Bank (In re Miller) 16-6023-fra
05/13/2016 Beard v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLP (In re Beard) Dist. Ct. 15-1858-AA
03/29/2016 Credit Bureau of Josephine County v. Todor (In re Todor) Dist. Ct. 15-1120-AA
03/17/2016 Federal National Mortgage Association v. Meeko (In re Meeko) Dist. Ct. 15-1200-AA
03/07/2016 Chapman v. Bond (In re Bond) 15-6038-tmr
02/26/2016 In re Banks 14-35264-rld13
01/22/2016 In re Kent 09-35124-tmb13
01/13/2016 Hunsaker v. United States (In re Hunsaker) 14-6218-fra
12/15/2015 In re D'Agnese 15-61167-fra13
12/03/2015 In re Howland 14-31498-rld7
10/21/2015 In re Sanger-Morales 14-31997-rld7
09/28/2015 In re Jacobson 11-63542-tmr7
09/25/2015 Cronk v. Oregon Credit and Collections Bureau, Inc. (In re Cronk) 14-6220-tmr
09/08/2015 Daniels v. Holman (In re Holman) 14-3285-rld
09/02/2015 Freeland v. U.S. Dept. of Education, et al. (In re Freeland) 14-6102-fra
08/12/2015 In re Christianson 15-60288-fra13
06/18/2015 Brown v. Buerger (In re Brown) Dist. Ct. 15-205-BR
06/17/2015 Koch v. Olsson (In re Olsson) Dist. Ct. 14-1686-AA
04/29/2015 Bank of New York Mellon v. Watt (In re Watt) Dist. Ct. 14-2051-AA
04/16/2015 Credit Bureau of Josephine County v. Deborah Ranee Todor (In re Todor) 14-6195-fra
04/16/2015 Endeavor Structured Equity and Mezzanine Fund I, LP and THL Credit, Inc. v. Engel et al. (In re C & K Market, Inc.) 14-6119-fra
04/15/2015 Arnot v. Endresen et al. (In re Endresen) 14-3131-rld
04/03/2015 Bender Industrial Group v. Herbert (In re Herbert) 14-3211-tmb
03/13/2015 Nunez v. Key Education Resources/GLESI (In re Nunez) 14-3177-rld
02/19/2015 McCracken v. Arnot (In re Pacific Cargo Services) BAP # OR-14-1036-KiKuJu
02/17/2015 In re Mazzuca 09-40830-rld7
02/10/2015 In re Benbrook 11-60781-fra12
02/04/2015 Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones v. Arlie & Co. (In re Arlie & Company) 14-6206-fra
12/30/2014 In re Moglia 11-35022-elp13
12/16/2014 In re Taggart 09-39216-rld7
12/08/2014 United States Trustee v. Cam (In re Prakopiy Cam) 13-3318-elp
11/10/2014 In re Yarber 14-32582-rld7
10/14/2014 In re Watt 14-31295-tmb13
08/26/2014 Charter v. Kearney (In re Colen) 13-6109-tmr
07/22/2014 In re Sugg 14-60916-fra13
05/06/2014 In re Bay Club Partners-472,LLC 14-30394-rld11
04/18/2014 In re Pineda 13-35969-rld13
04/17/2014 In re Ricardo and Christine Ruiz 12-63323-tmr13
04/08/2014 In re Ellen Marguerite McCracken 13-37719-rld11
04/08/2014 In re C & K Market, Inc. 13-64561-fra11
03/28/2014 In re Jammie and Melissa Hartley 13-61182-fra7
03/12/2014 In re Lisa M. Holifield 13-63536-fra13
02/26/2014 In re Clayton Smith and Cristle Smith 13-61627-tmr7
01/27/2014 Charter v. Bennett et al. (In re Bennett) 12-6136-tmr
12/13/2013 Murray v. Hanley (In re John M. Hanley) 13-3046-rld
12/04/2013 Orchard v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. et al. (In re Orchard) 12-6197-tmr
12/02/2013 UST v. Jones (In re Jerry Alan Jones) 9th Cir. 12-35665
10/31/2013 Grover v. HomeStreet Bank et al. (In re Grover) 13-6013-tmr
10/15/2013 Grogan v. Harvest Capital Co. et al. (In re Grogan) BAP # OR-12-1483-JuTaPa
10/04/2013 Harris v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. et al. (In re James E. Harris) 12-3113-elp
09/24/2013 In re Walmsley 12-61054-tmr13
09/18/2013 In re Pacific Cargo Services, LLC 13-30439-tmb7
09/10/2013 In re Lee 13-60647-tmr7
09/10/2013 In re Charles and Sarah Grogan 11-65409-fra11
09/03/2013 In re Bennett 12-60642-tmr7
08/27/2013 In re Green 13-60271-tmr13
08/27/2013 In re Drescher 12-64729-tmr7
08/09/2013 Monk v. LSI Title Co. of Oregon et al. (In re Lester and Mary Monk) 10-6067-fra
07/16/2013 In re Barnes 12-65084-tmr7
07/12/2013 Sequoia Partners, LLC v. Rogue River Mortgage, LLC et al. (In re Sequoia Partners, LLC) 10-6270-fra
07/01/2013 McEdwards v. Welch (In re Stephen and Annette Welch) 13-6032-fra
06/27/2013 In re Christopher Braswell 13-60564-fra13
06/14/2013 In re Jonathan and Cheryl Hunsaker 12-64782-fra13
06/10/2013 In re Loverin Ranch 12-38626-rld12
05/22/2013 Hedlund v. The Educational Resources Institute Inc. et al. (In re Hedlund) 9th Cir. 12-35258
04/26/2013 In re Charles and Sarah Grogan 11-65409-fra11
04/04/2013 In re John A. Pahl 09-30495-rld7
03/14/2013 In re Harold Whitescorn 13-60159-fra13
02/14/2013 In re James and Liz Kline 12-65099-fra11
02/11/2013 In re David and Linda Culpepper 09-38599-rld7
01/31/2013 In re Larry M. Salyers 13-60140-tmr7
12/19/2012 Rios v. Hiday (In re Salvador Rios and Mariareli Rios-Areanas) 11-6247-fra
12/18/2012 In re Maritime Services Corp. 12-34978-rld11
12/04/2012 In re Cynthia Nork 12-63141-fra7
12/03/2012 Monk v. LSI Title Co. of Oregon et al. (In re Lester and Mary Monk) 10-6067-fra
11/05/2012 In re Culpepper 09-38599-rld7
10/25/2012 In re Jack F. Lane and Marilyn K. Lane 12-36873-elp7
10/11/2012 In re Clinton and Delynn Tucker 10-67281-fra11
08/31/2012 Legacy Financial Services, Inc. v. Lynch (In re Brian Michael Lynch) 11-6224-fra
08/15/2012 Campbell v. Southern Oregon University, et al. (In re Sheila Noel Campbell) BAP # OR-11-1342-JuMkH
08/09/2012 Williams v. United States Trustee (In re Gary Daniel Williams) Dist. Ct. 12-671-HO
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