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Emails - Notices from ECF are Not Being Received

If you’re not receiving e-mail notices from ECF, it could be due to one of the following:

  • Your e-mail address has changed and you have not changed it in ECF.  To change a primary email address, go to and click on Manage My Account in the top right corner. To change a secondary email address, log into ECF and go to Utilities, select Maintain Your ECF Account, click Email Information, correct the address, click Return to Account Screen, and click Submit.
  • Your email account is full. Most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) limit the amount of email you may store on their server. Contact your ISP to determine the limit and delete the emails you no longer need.
  • Your Internet Service Provider has a spam blocker.  Contact your ISP.

To recover your missing email notices, you can log into ECF and click on the Reports header, select Docket Activity, make sure the box labeled Only cases to which I am linked is checked, enter the date range for the missing emails, and click Run Report.

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