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Events - Finding Correct Event (Menu Item) to File a Document in ECF

It is very important to use the correct event (menu item) in ECF. Not only does it ensure that the item appears on the docket correctly, it often helps the court manage the case by setting or terminating a deadline or case flag, stopping a discharge from automatically being entered, setting a hearing, linking correctly to a response, objection or notice, complying with statistical reporting requirements, etc.

To locate the correct event, a Search option is available on the blue menu bar. Users can search for menu items and events by a word or word fragment. Clicking on the desired option begins the filing process.

Alternatively, when you are in a category with many events such as Motions/Applications, entering a key word in the text box above the list will result in the full list being replaced by a list of just those events with the key word. Clicking on an event in the "Available Events" list will cause the event appear in the "Selected Events" list. After choosing one event, if you are docketing a multiple part motion, use the event search to find your next event, then hold down [Ctrl] and click on the entry; this entry will now also appear in the "Selected Events" list. Once the desired events are in the "Selected Events" list, click Next to proceed with filing.

If you are still not sure of the correct event, please click here to contact the court. Do not guess!

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