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Fees - Document Filed in Error

You can avoid fee errors as follows:

Always verify that you are filing a document in the correct case by looking at the case number and debtor’s name displayed on most ECF screens, and opening and viewing your pdf document before pasting it into the ECF field.

If a fee document is stricken or the court advises you to refile it, use one of the following events: Motions/Applications - Relief from Stay Refiled with No Fee or Miscellaneous - Refile Fee Event with No Fee or Claims Actions - Refile Transfer of Claim with No Fee or Creditor Claimant Entries- Refile Transfer of Claim with No Fee.

If you have an error when filing a case or document, do not refile until you verify that the case or document was not filed. You can verify by checking the Docket Report, doing a query on the debtor's name, or calling the court.

If you have filed a document in error that requires a fee, please click here to contact the court. The court will let you know whether a refund can be issued.

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