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PDF - ECF Error Message

If you receive the error message "Document contains code which may cause external action such as launching an application. PDF document can't be accepted", it means the PDF:

  • contains JavaScript which ECF doesn't allow for security reasons;
  • does not comply with PDF format standards;
  • is encrypted or password protected;
  • contains scripts which can launch an external application;
  • contains internal attachments; or
  • contains audio and video content.

If using a fillable PDF, such as one of the court’s Local Bankruptcy Forms, start with a clean form (one that does not have variable data from another filing). When you have completed the LBF, flatten it by printing to PDF, unless it is a motion for relief from the automatic stay filed on LBF #720.80, in which case save the form in Adobe using "Save As" so the respondent can modify the form.

If converting a word processing document to PDF, print to PDF (by selecting print and using Adobe PDF as your printer).

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