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PDF - File is Too Large to Upload or Upload is Very Slow

Any document to be filed as part of one event, but that also exceeds 50,000 KB (50 MB), must be broken up for filing into a Primary Document that also has one or more attachments. Attachments are the smaller PDFs that must be created for any portion of a document which is over 50,000 KB (50 MB). Each attachment must also be no larger than 50,000 KB (50 MB), and there cannot be more than 15 attachments per Primary Document. If there are more than 15 attachments, the document must be filed as multiple documents. The certificate of service filed with the document showing service on interested parties must never be an attachment by itself; it must always be the last page of the pleading portion of the Primary Document.

To keep the size of pdf files as small as possible for faster uploading:

You might also investigate the upload speed of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISP's typically set the speed for download faster than upload. When shopping for an ISP, inquire about upload and download speeds.

To determine the size of your document, while you have the document displayed in Adobe Acrobat, click on File and Document Properties or press [Ctrl][D].

To break a document into smaller segments, simply follow the normal procedure for converting to PDF, making sure that the print range is set to "Pages:" and then entering the page number range (e.g., 1-15, 16-30, etc.). Be sure to give each section of the document a different name (e.g., petition1.pdf, petition2.pdf, etc.) When uploading, make sure each PDF is fully uploaded before attaching the next one.

When converting a word processing document to pdf, use "Print to PDF" (by selecting "Print" or choosing Adobe as the "printer") rather than "Publish to PDF" or other pdf converters included in your software. These converters are useful for preserving complex formatting features such as hyperlinks, but they create larger files.

When scanning, choose the scanner setting of black and white (not gray scale or color) and set the resolution to 300 dpi. Never scan a document which you created; instead, convert to PDF using Adobe, which creates much smaller files.

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