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Where can I obtain forms, and which ones do I need for filing?

If hiring an attorney is not possible, download Local Bankruptcy Form 100 (for individuals) or Local Bankruptcy Form 200 (for partnerships, corporations, etc.) which provides a list of all the forms necessary for each chapter, and detailed instructions on how to assemble the petition packets.

A petition packet is made up of two kinds of required forms, Official Forms (OF) and Local Bankruptcy Forms (LBF). The majority are OFs, (i.e., Voluntary Petition, Schedules A - J, Statement of Financial Affairs, etc.) which can be obtained electronically from the U.S. Courts' website. Click here to access Official Forms.

The rest are LBFs (e.g., Individual Debtor’s Application to Pay Fees in Installments, Chapter 12 and 13 Plans, etc.). Click here to access these and other LBFs.

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