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Orders - Requirements

When uploading an order, make sure you have met the following requirements:

  1. At least 4" of blank space at the top. Pleading paper may be used as long as all numbers and lines of the pleading paper format are within 3/4" of the left margin of the paper.
  2. The body of the order is followed by 3 centered pound signs (###).
  3. On the left side of the last page, include the signature of the individual presenting it, preceded by the words“Presented By” and followed by the presenter’s name, address, telephone number, and capacity.
  4. There is no signature line for the judge.
  5. Include a list of names and addresses of only contesting parties who are not, and whose attorneys are not, ECF Participants.
  6. Be sure when using a fillable pdf (e.g., LBF), you save the finished document in Adobe. Do not print to PDF or publish to PDF a document which is already in PDF, as this may create problems when the judge applies the order language (e.g., the text of the order will “scrunch” and be unreadable).
  7. The proponent of the order or judgment, unless the proposed order is submitted on an LBF, must certify compliance with the requirements of LBR 9021-1(a)(2).
  8. Refer to LBF #9021 for a list of motions for which no order should be drafted or uploaded unless permitted or directed by the court, as the court usually enters a form order or otherwise grants the requested relief.
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