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PDF - File is Too Large to Upload or Upload is Very Slow

To determine the size of a document when you have it open in Adobe Acrobat, click on File > Document Properties or press [Ctrl][D] and go to the Description tab. The File Size field is near the bottom of the screen.

To keep the size of PDF files as small as possible for faster uploading and to keep within the required size limit:

  1. After saving the completed PDF, click on File > Save As Other > Reduced Size PDF.
  2. Avoid scanning paper documents to PDF (which produces image documents). If you have an electronic version of a document, convert to PDF using an option within the program that created the document, or by opening the file in Adobe and saving as a PDF.
  3. If scanning a paper document cannot be avoided, choose the scanner setting of black and white (not gray scale or color) and set the resolution to 300 dpi.
  4. When using Word, use the Save as Adobe PDF option.

You might also investigate the upload speed of your internet service provider (ISP). ISPs typically set the speed for download faster than upload. When shopping for an ISP, inquire about upload and download speeds.

To break a PDF document into smaller segments in Adobe, use Organize Pages > Extract Pages and save each set of pages with a different file name.

When uploading documents, make sure each PDF is fully uploaded before attaching the next one.

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