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Service - Determining Who Was Served

To determine who was served with a filed document, you must look two places:

1. To determine who was served electronically via ECF, go to the Docket Report while logged into ECF (not PACER) as follows:
Click on Reports on the ECF Main Menu Bar.
Click on Docket Report.

Enter the case number and click “Include links to Notice of Electronic Filing” if it is not already checked. Click Next.

Find the document of interest and click on the silver ball to the left of the document number, then click Display Receipt.

The NEF appears. Scroll to the bottom and find the heading Notice has been electronically mailed via ECF to: for a list of parties served via ECF.

2. To determine who was served by the filer or the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (whether by mail, fax, e-mail, or EDI), look at the filed certificate of service. For documents served by parties, it may be part of the original document or a separate docket entry entitled Certificate of Notice linked to the original document. A BNC Certificate of Notice will be a separate docket entry linked to the order, judgment, notice, etc. and is generally docketed within two business days of the filing of original document. The list of those served accompanies a copy of the document, and delineates all who were served, and how.

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