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What if I don't agree with an Order entered in a case?

A Notice of Appeal may be filed after an Order or Judgment has been entered in a case. In a Notice of Appeal, the party filing the Appeal, the appellant, wishes to reverse the Order or Judgment granted in favor of the other party, the appellee. When an Appeal is filed in the District of Oregon, the matter is automatically referred to the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (BAP) unless a party timely objects to having the matter heard by the BAP. In that case the matter will be heard by the District Court.  Note that when an appeal is filed, the order or judgment appealed from remains in effect unless the court that issued the order or judgment, or the court that is reviewing it, orders that it be stayed.

THERE ARE STRICT DEADLINES AND RULES TO FOLLOW WHEN FILING AN APPEAL. These rules are found in the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure 8000 - 8028, District Court Local Rule (LR) 2200, Local Bankruptcy Rule (LBR) 8009-1, and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. The filing fee for a Notice of Appeal is found on the Court Fees List.

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