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Portland Office Listing

VCIS – For basic bankruptcy and adversary information from a touch-tone telephone.
Free 24-hr access. (866) 222-8029

PACER – For technical assistance with browser issues, Adobe installation and use, connection issues, etc.
Mon. - Fri. 8:00 to 5:00 CST. (800) 676-6856

General Information

For General Information such as how to file a new petition, archive case location information, and basic bankruptcy and adversary case-related information which cannot be obtained from ECF or from the court’s website , or for matters not addressed below:

Mon. - Fri. 9:00 to 4:30 PST.  (503) 326-1500 ext. 0.

Case Administrator

For questions about a specific bankruptcy case, such as how to remedy errors, status of pending orders to be signed, and how to file documents, contact the Case Administrator.  The Case Administrator also handles any adversary proceeding that is related to a bankruptcy case assigned to the Case Administrator

The Case Administrator is assigned by the last 2 digits in the 5-digit portion of the case number (example: for 17-31538-tmb7, you would contact Tracy).

00-17 Batina (503) 326-1574
18-35 Lorin (503) 326-1534
36-53 Tracy (503) 326-1514
54-71 Julie (503) 326-1547
72-89 Jan (503) 326-1563
90-99 Chenoa (541) 431-4026
  Courtney (Supervisor) (503) 326-1558
Appeals Clerk

For questions about a specific appeal, contact the Appeals Clerk.  If the Appeals Clerk is unavailable, contact one of the Case Administrator Supervisors listed above.

Appeals Clerk

Lorin (503) 326-1534
Judges' Chambers

For questions regarding scheduling, resetting or postponing hearings, and notifying the court of settlement, contact the Courtroom Deputy.

For questions regarding the status of matters under advisement, contact the Law Clerk.

Honorable Trish M. Brown (for cases with initials TMB)
Courtroom Deputy & Calendar Clerk Ben (503) 326-1553
Courtroom Deputy Supervisor Kerrie (503) 326-1520
Law Clerk Stephen (503) 326-1586
Judicial Assistant Suzanne (503) 326-1592
Honorable David W. Hercher (for cases with initials DWH)
Courtroom Deputy & Calendar Clerk Denali (503) 326-1527
Courtroom Deputy Supervisor Kerrie (503) 326-1520
Law Clerk Collin (503) 326-1519
Judicial Assistant Doria (503) 326-1538
Honorable Peter C. McKittrick (for cases with initials PCM)
Courtroom Deputy & Calendar Clerk Stef (503) 326-1566
Courtroom Deputy Supervisor Kerrie (503) 326-1520
Law Clerk Katie (503) 326-1536
Law Clerk Tonia (503) 326-1578


Judges'  Hearings

Hearings for Relief from Stay and Impose/Extend Stay
Please review your hearing notice to confirm the Access Code: (888) 684-8852, Access Code 3702597

Other Hearings
Please review your hearing notice to confirm the Access Code:

Judge Brown       (888) 684-8852, Access Code 4950985
Judge Hercher    (888) 684-8852, Access Code 5870400
Judge McKittrick  (888) 684-8852, Access Code 1238244

ECF Registration and Training

For questions regarding ECF Registration contact:

Batina    (503) 326-1574
Kim Q    (541) 431-4015