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Previous Years' Local Bankruptcy Rules and General Orders

Local Bankruptcy Rules

The following are past Local Bankruptcy Rules promulgated by the court listed by year. In addition to the rules themselves, redline versions and summaries of changes are included showing the changes made each year from the previous year’s rules.

Rules Effective 12/1/2022

Rules Effective 12/1/2021

Rules Effective 12/1/2020

Rules Effective 12/1/2019

Rules Effective 12/1/2018

Rules Effective 12/1/2017

Rules Effective 12/1/2016

Rules Effective 12/1/2015

Rules Effective 12/1/2014

Rules Effective 12/1/2013

Rules Effective 12/1/2012

Rules Effective 12/1/2011

Rules Effective 12/1/2010

Rules Effective 4/7/2009

Rules Effective 8/8/2008

General Orders

The following table contains general orders promulgated by the court in past years. The court made extensive use of general orders before the U.S. District Court delegated authority pursuant to FRBP 9029(a) to the bankruptcy court to make and amend its local rules in 2006. Most general orders were subsequently incorporated into the next published set of local rules. None of these general orders remain in effect.

General Order No.



G.O. 22-2

Adoption of Amendments of Local Bankruptcy Rules and Forms Effective 12/1/22

November 28, 2022

G.O. 22-1

Rescission of General Order No. 20-4

April 4, 2022

G.O. 21-1

Adoption of Amendments of Local Bankruptcy Rules and Forms Effective 12/1/21

November 9, 2021

G.O. 20-6

Local Bankruptcy Rules Amendment

November 25, 2020

G.O. 20-5

Local Bankruptcy Rules and Forms Ratification and Amendment

November 6, 2020

G.O. 20-4

Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1020 to Implement Provisions of the CARES Act

April 24, 2020

G.O. 20-3

Interim Bankruptcy Filing Procedures for Parties Not Represented by an Attorney

March 27, 2020

G.O. 20-2

Suspension of Attorney Requirement to Obtain Debtor's Original Signature

March 9, 2020

G.O. 20-1

Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rules

February 3, 2020

G.O. 13-1

Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds

July 8, 2013

G.O. 09-3

Abandonment of Real Property; Modification of Debt Secured By Debtor's Residence (Real Property) During Pendency of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

August 17, 2009

G.O. 09-2

Miscellaneous Modifications

April 7, 2009

G.O. 09-1

Temporary Means Testing Exclusion for Qualifying Armed Forces Reservists and National Guard Personnel; Miscellaneous and Technical Modifications

January 27, 2009

G.O. 07-1

Redaction in Electronically Filed Transcripts; Amended Chapter 12/13 Proofs of Claims; “Attorney of Record” Definition

October 31, 2007

G.O. 06-2

Mandatory Electronic Filing of Documents; Interim Federal Bankruptcy Rule 1007; Size Requirements Re: Supporting Briefs/Memorandums

October 3, 2006

U.S. District Court Misc. Order 06-9220

Order Delegating to Bankruptcy Court Authority to Make Local Bankruptcy Rules September 6, 2006

G.O. 06-1

Certificates of Service; Proposed Order/Judgment; Wireless Communication Devices; Ch. 13 Claims Secured by Real Property; Miscellaneous and Technical Modifications

June 15, 2006

G.O. 05-1

Implementation of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005

October 11, 2005

G.O. 04-1

Technical Amendments; Chapter 13 Wage Order; Relief From Stay Order

May 26, 2004

G.O. 03-3

Filing of Paper and Electronic Case Documents, Electronic Case Files, Ownership Disclosure Statements, and Miscellaneous Provisions

November 6, 2003

G.O. 03-2

Chapter 13 Plan Provision Re: Attorney Fees and Supplemental Applications for Compensation

September 5, 2003

G.O. 03-1

Ch. 11 Financial Reports; Document Preparation; Hearing Notices; Motions for Relief From Stay; §341(a) Meeting and FRBP 2004 Transcripts; and Technical Amendments Re: Court Prepared and Obsolete LBFs

June 3, 2003

G.O. 02-1

Required Representation of Non-Individual Entities; Post-Filing Contact with Debtors; and Mediator Confidentiality

March 7, 2002

G.O. 01-1

Retention of Secured Property Without Reaffirmation; Ch. 11 Claim Filing Deadline; Ch. 13 Plan and Confirmation Order; Disposition of Funds in Cases Converted/Dismissed from Ch. 13; Relief From Automatic Stay Regarding Property to be Surrendered; Sale of Publicly Held Securities by a Ch. 7 Trustee; Request to Receive Electronic Notices from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC); and Disclosure of Ownership

April 19, 2001