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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Case No.
01/30/1996 In re Lana G. McKinney 393-31451-psh13
01/19/1996 Huntley v. Snyder (In re Gerald Snyder) 95-6190-fra
01/12/1996 Baker v. IRS (In re Baker) 9th Cir. 94-35803
01/11/1996 In re Fick 394-35390-elp13
01/11/1996 In re Fick 394-35390-elp13
01/10/1996 In re Douglas H. Suratt Dist. Ct. 95-6183-HO
01/09/1996 In re Neil James Fassinger 395-31375-psh7
12/22/1995 In re Belozer Farms, Inc. 394-31786-dds7
12/05/1995 In re Andersen 391-34600-elp13
11/27/1995 Greenwood v. Voigt (In re Wallace Voigt) 94-6493-fra
11/15/1995 James Jeffries v. Bar J Forest Products et al. (In re James Jeffries), Samuel Jeffries v. Bar J Forest Products et al. (In re Samuel Jeffries) 95-6037-fra, 95-6036-fra
11/15/1995 Roost v. Reynolds (In re Reynolds) 95-6085-aer
11/08/1995 In re Winters 395-35580-dds7
11/08/1995 Trevette R. Vermillion v. Stewart and Nancy Scarbrough (In re Vermillion) Dist. Ct. 95-6106-HO
11/06/1995 In re Lyman M and Margaret H Barrett 395-31173-psh13
11/02/1995 In re Marquam Investment Corp. Dist. Ct. 95-1506-FR
10/30/1995 In re David Allan Burgess 393-33011-psh13
10/30/1995 In re James Jones 395-32031-psh13
10/25/1995 SAIF v. Harmon (In re Harmon) BAP # OR-93-2179-VHAs
10/24/1995 Vinzant v. Knupp (In re Vinzant) Dist. Ct. 95-564-ST
10/06/1995 Thena, Inc. et al. v. U.S.A. (In re Thena, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 95-6226-HO
10/05/1995 In re Alranco, Inc. 395-32652-dds11
10/04/1995 In re Mary K. Kresse 695-62127-fra7
09/25/1995 Philip and Melissa Chauvet v. Sidney Kline (In re Philip and Melissa Chauvet) 95-6024-fra
09/08/1995 Sticka v. Mellon Bank (In re Martin) Dist. Ct. 94-6496-HO
08/16/1995 In re Peter R. Richardson 695-62120-fra13
08/10/1995 Voigt v. Voigt (In re Wallace Voigt) 94-6483-fra
08/08/1995 In re Tad K. L. Engman 692-61338-fra13
08/04/1995 Porter v UST (In re Porter) BAP # OR-94-2234-VAsH
08/03/1995 Truslow v. Batlan (In re Bullis) BAP # OR-94-1752-HVAs
07/27/1995 Merz v. Hartvig (In re Floating Point Systems) BAP # OR-94-2097-AsVH
07/24/1995 In re Ronald E. and Joyce D. Shaw 395-30683-psh13
07/24/1995 In re Ronald L. and Linda E. Sailstad 395-30591-psh13
07/14/1995 In re 14280 SW 72nd Ave., Inc. 393-36593-dds7
07/11/1995 In re Heritage Mall Associates, In re Downtown Albany Associates 694-64711-aer11; 694-64712-aer11
07/11/1995 In re D. Elizabeth Peters 394-36717-elp7
07/05/1995 In re Melridge, Inc. 387-36589-elp7
06/29/1995 In re Westin Capital Markets, Inc. 692-62389-H7
06/27/1995 In re Bentley BAP # OR-94-1995-VRH
06/01/1995 Fodac, Inc. v. Saxbury (In re David Lamonte Saxbury) 94-6338-fra
05/22/1995 In re Western Empires Corp 392-33738-elp11
05/19/1995 Oregon State Bar v. Schenck (In re Schenck) 95-3018-dds
05/12/1995 Sticka v. Seattle First Nat. Bank (In re Steven and Jane Roberts) 92-6162-fra
05/04/1995 In re Richard and Deidre Dunn 389-36079-psh13
04/25/1995 Waterman v. Brownstein, Rask, et al. (In re Waterman) 93-3670-elp
04/13/1995 Voigt v. Voigt (In re Wallace Voigt) 94-6483-fra
04/03/1995 Sticka v. Bestline, Inc., Sticka v. East River Lumber & Grain (In re Attaway, Inc.) 94-6186-psh, 94-6152-psh
03/31/1995 Hartvig v. Portland General Electric (In re Floating Point Systems) Dist. Ct. 94-1537-RE
03/30/1995 In re Pioneer Fruit Distributors 393-36251-dds7
02/28/1995 Hostmann v. Wilbur-Ellis Company (In re John W. Stoller, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 95-59-FR
02/23/1995 Witcosky v. Clinical Options, Inc (In re Allen Care Centers, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 94-1507-RE
02/16/1995 In re Douglas H. Suratt 692-62374-psh13
02/09/1995 Plumbers Joint Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training Committee v. Rosen (In re Rosen) 94-3018
02/06/1995 In re John Richard Ott Dist. Ct. 94-6355-HO
01/18/1995 In re Driscoll 394-34461-elp7
12/23/1994 Trevette R. Vermillion v. Stewart and Nancy Scarbrough (In re Vermillion) 93-6173-psh
12/19/1994 Hartvig v. Macadam Capital Partners, Ltd; Hartvig v. D.K.G. Services, Inc. (In re 14280 S.W. 72nd Ave., Inc.) 94-3249-dds, 94-3250-dds
12/02/1994 Long v. Joe Romania Chevrolet, Inc. (In re Loken/Fox-Loken) BAP # OR-93-1970-MeOAS
11/28/1994 In re Coburn 393-33096-H13
11/15/1994 In re Boulders on the River, Inc. 692-64208-aer11
11/02/1994 In re Nickens Dist. Ct. 94-1249
11/01/1994 In re Sprouse-Reitz Stores, Inc. 393-36458-dds11
10/26/1994 In re Lisa Fay Allen 394-32103-hlh13
10/19/1994 Lazar v. Northwest Development Partnership (In re Northwest Development Partnership) Dist. Ct. 94-1024
10/13/1994 Grassmueck v. Caddock, Sr., Grassmueck v. Caddock, Jr. (In re Joel and Paula Shepherd) 91-6409-aer, 91-6410-aer
10/11/1994 In re Miguel and Vicki Medina 693-62021-psh11
09/23/1994 Panaretos v. Creditors Protective Assn (In re Panaretos) 94-3183-dds
09/22/1994 In re Allen Care Centers, Inc. Dist. Ct. 94-726-RE
09/19/1994 Concord Commercial v. U.S. National Bank (In re United Equipment) 9th Cir. 93-35191
09/12/1994 Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. v. Brugger (In re Brugger) Dist. Ct. 94-6219-HO
08/09/1994 Emmet Valley Associates v. Woodfield et al. (In re Woodfield/Pearce) Dist. Ct. 94-110-JO
07/20/1994 In re Baker Dist. Ct. 94-6162-HO
07/08/1994 In re Plaid Pantries, Inc. 389-31028-dds11
06/15/1994 Gull Industries, Inc. v. Hanna (In re Hanna) BAP # OR-92-2283-VMeJ, BAP # OR-92-2285-VMeJ
06/13/1994 Multco Employees Credit Union v. Martin (In re Martin) 9th Cir. 92-3667
05/23/1994 In re Westin Capital Markets, Inc. Dist. Ct. 93-6242-HO
05/11/1994 In re Donald Vernon Berry 693-60988-aer13
05/05/1994 Atkin v. Oregon Dept of Veterans' Affairs et al. (In re Mendonca) Dist. Ct. 93-6272-HO
05/04/1994 McGinnis v. McGinnis (In re McGinnis) 9th Cir. 93-36087
05/03/1994 Hostmann v. Kaiser Aluminum Corp (In re XTI Xonix Technologies, Inc.) 93-3436-dds
05/03/1994 In re Crosby 394-30314-S7
04/29/1994 In re Christensen Dist. Ct. 94-242-PA
04/25/1994 Liberty Northwest Insurance Co. v. U & R Express, Inc. (In re U & R Express, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 94-6046-HO
04/19/1994 Multnomah County v. Coultas (In re Coultas) Dist. Ct. 93-289-BE
04/19/1994 Multnomah County v. Hollins (In re Hollins) Dist. Ct. 93-636-BE
04/19/1994 Multnomah County v. Ivory (In re Ivory) Dist. Ct. 93-207-BE
04/18/1994 In re Bear Cat Logging, Inc. 693-60940-aer11
03/21/1994 Sticka v. Anderson (In re Anderson) 93-6065-aer
03/01/1994 Mitchell v. Pacificorp Credit, Inc. (In re Hanna) 92-3384-S
02/28/1994 In re Boulders on the River, Inc. BAP # OR-93-1676-AsMeO
02/07/1994 Multnomah County v. Rudolph (In re Rudolph) Dist. Ct. 93-594-BE
01/24/1994 Hostmann v. UST et al. (In re Attaway, Inc.) BAP # OR-92-2341-MeJV, OR-92-2342-MeJV
01/19/1994 In re Allen Care Centers, Inc. 390-36679-P11
01/12/1994 Education Resources Institute, Inc. v. Thomas & Brenda Garelli (In re Garelli) 92-6188-R
12/22/1993 Smithee v. Way (In re Smithee) 93-6074-H
11/18/1993 Mitchell v. Pacificorp Credit, Inc. (In re Hanna) 92-3384-S
11/10/1993 Mitchell v. Burt & Gordon (In re Stein) Dist. Ct. 93-438-FR
11/03/1993 Grassmueck v. Caddock, Sr., Grassmueck v. Caddock, Jr. (In re Caddock) Dist. Ct. 93-6157, Dist. Ct. 93-6156
10/28/1993 Capital Resource Finance Corp. v. Foster (In re Foster) Dist. Ct. 93-1116-RE
10/28/1993 Marandas v. Bishop, Tsoumas v. Sassalos (In re Sassalos) Dist. Ct. 93-1024-FR
10/26/1993 In re Mary K. Morris Dist. Ct. 93-6286-HO
10/13/1993 Burpo v. State (In re Burpo) 92-6134-R
09/27/1993 McGinnis v. McGinnis (In re McGinnis) BAP # OR-92-1604-JOR
09/21/1993 In re West/Worthen 9th Circ. 92-35286, 92-35293
08/27/1993 U.S. v. Hedgecock (In re Hedgecock) Dist. Ct. 93-6071-BE
08/26/1993 Stockfleth & Chenoweth v. Corey (In re Stockfleth) 93-3129-S
08/25/1993 Julanne Ford v. William Ford, Jr. (In re William O. Ford, Jr.) 92-3227-P
08/12/1993 In re Smalberger 393-32040-H13
07/19/1993 Hostmann v. First Interstate Bank (In re XTI Xonix Technologies, Inc.) 92-3163-S
07/09/1993 Long v. Joe Romania Chevrolet, Inc. (In re Loken/Fox-Loken) 693-6038-H
06/30/1993 Corcilius v. Hartvig et al. (In re Corcilius) BAP # OR-90-1767-OJR
06/22/1993 Grassmueck v. Harvey (In re Helen Carol France) Dist. Ct. 92-6358-HO
04/21/1993 In re Walker 389-34389-H13
04/15/1993 O'Brien v. Nachtigal et al. (In re O'Brien) Dist. Ct. 93-179-FR
04/05/1993 In re Mary K. Morris 692-61930-H7
03/26/1993 Barney v. Lamb-Oostman (In re Barney) BAP # OR-92-1865-RJO
03/19/1993 Bullock v. Roost (In re Gold Key Properties, Inc.) 689-6179-R
03/16/1993 Lansdowne v. Deborah Cox (In re Deborah Cox) Dist. Ct. 92-6213-HO
03/12/1993 Maitland v. Mitchell (In re Harris Pine Mills, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 92-1350-JO
02/12/1993 Melkonian v. Onken (In re Onken) BAP # OR-92-1358-ARO
02/02/1993 Paul Lansdowne, Inc. v. Marko et al. (In re Cox) Dist. Ct. 92-6132-HO
01/25/1993 Wilbur-Ellis Company v. Desert Lake, Inc. (In re Western Empires Corporation) 92-3312-P
01/25/1993 In re Hollins 392-37351-H13
01/05/1993 Mitchell v. Billmeyer (In re CCC BES, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 92-1282-MA
12/14/1992 Mitchell v. Pedersen & Slominski (In re Hanna) BAP # OR-91-2044-RJAs
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