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Electronic Filing of OF 121, Statement of Social Security Number

April 5, 2017

The Court has decided that Official Form 121, Your Statement About Your Social Security Numbers, must be filed with the Court pursuant to FRBP 1007(f), as recommended by the Local Rules Committee.  The Court’s local rules will be amended effective December 1, 2017 to require the filing of the statement.

Beginning May 1, debtor’s attorneys are encouraged to voluntarily comply with FRBP 1007(f) by filing the SSN statement with the Voluntary Petition. The form must be a separate entry on the docket to maintain restricted access. The form may be submitted using Case Upload or Miscellaneous – Statement of Social Security Number. Petition software vendors were notified in early April of the availability of these new events in the Test database and were urged to test and modify their software. They will be available in the Live database on May 1.

The Court has also updated LBF 5005, Electronic Filing Declaration, to add the Statement of Social Security Numbers to the checklist of documents which debtor’s attorneys may electronically maintain with the debtor’s authorization.  Attorneys must electronically file the scanned declaration and retain the signed original declaration.