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Local Rule and Form Changes Effective 12/1/2019

November 22, 2019

Click here for local rule changes effective 12/1/19.  Click here for local form changes effective 12/1/19. At the bottom of the list of recently revised forms is a link to revision notes which characterize the changes.

The new forms, other than the claim objection series (LBFs 763.1, 763.3, and 763.5), may be used immediately and must be used by December 1. Until December 1, please continue filing objections to claim on LBF 763 and uploading as an order. Beginning December 1, you must file and serve claim objections on LBFs 763.1 (notice of claim objection) and 763.3 (claim objection) and file them using the event Bankruptcy > Claim Actions > Claim Objection.