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New CM/ECF event for filing reaffirmation agreements

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The court is making changes to events for filing reaffirmation agreements that will go live on April 4, 2022.

The current "Reaffirmation Agreement with Atty Certification" and "Reaffirmation Agreement without Atty Certification" events are being retired and replaced with an event that will simply be named "Reaffirmation Agreement."  So, including the menu path and forms parenthetical, the new event will be:

Bankruptcy > Miscellaneous > Reaffirmation Agreement [OF 427 & an agreement, see OF 2400A - 12/15]

Rather than an in-event question regarding the existence of a presumption of undue hardship, the event will include a question that asks whether the debtor was represented by an attorney during the course of negotiating the agreement.  The answer should correspond with the first checkbox in Part 1(11) of the coversheet (OF B 427), and an answer of "No" will result in the agreement being set for hearing.