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Marion, Polk, and Lincoln County Cases

May 15, 2016

Effective May 21, 2016, new cases filed for debtors who reside in Marion, Polk, or Lincoln county will be assigned to a Portland judge. Cases filed in Marion, Polk, and Lincoln counties prior to May 21 will continue with the original assigned judge (i.e., Judge Renn or Judge Alley).

The judge who handles Bend cases (currently Judge Brown) will handle all new chapter 13 cases filed in Marion, Polk, and Lincoln counties. Non-evidentiary confirmation hearings and other non-evidentiary Chapter 13 hearings will held be via telephone. Evidentiary confirmation and other hearings will be held in Portland. Naliko Markel will continue to serve as Chapter 13 trustee, therefore it is important for debtors to use the version of the wage order for his cases (i.e., LBF 1351E). Both wage orders were updated to add the Chapter 13 trustees' names to the form title for greater ease of use.

New Marion, Polk, and Lincoln cases filed under chapter 7, 11, and 12 will be assigned to one of the three Portland judges on a random basis.

Marion, Polk, and Lincoln county cases will continue to be filed in the Eugene office and therefore will have a case number beginning in 6. They will be administered by Eugene case administrators. Click here for a list of Eugene case administrators.

To obtain a hearing date for these cases, contact the appropriate courtroom deputy in Portland for the assigned judge. Click here for a list of Portland courtroom deputies (calendar clerks).

We believe that no petition software updates are necessary to implement these changes.

The cases are being reassigned to Portland judges in anticipation of Judge Frank R. Alley's retirement on August 31, 2016. Due to declining workload, the Ninth Circuit has opted not to refill Judge Alley's position at this time. Judicial assignment changes are necessary to balance the Court's judicial workload. Judge Alley will remain with the Court for a year after his retirement as a recalled judge. He will continue to handle his pending caseload and assist other judges as requested.

The Court will review this assignment system six months after implementation. If you have feedback at any point, please click here to submit it or call the Court.

If you have any questions, please call the Court at 541-431-4000 or 503-326-1500.