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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Case No.
04/02/2012 In re Richard L. Nguyen 11-35979-rld13
03/19/2012 In re Daniel Gary Williams 11-61683-fra7
03/05/2012 Hedlund v. The Educational Resources Institute Inc. et al. (In re Hedlund) Dist. Ct. 11-6281-AA
02/29/2012 In re Footen 11-38619-tmb7
02/14/2012 South Valley Bank & Trust v. Sequoia Village, LLC et al. (In re Sequoia Village, LLC) 11-6220-fra
02/07/2012 Williams, Love, O'Leary, & Powers, LLC v. Brann 11-3279-elp
01/31/2012 In re Taggart 09-39216-rld7
01/26/2012 In re Lloyd and Melissa Wedblad 10-65055-fra7
12/15/2011 In re Redco Development Co., LLC 10-64783-fra11
12/09/2011 Mary C. Benafel v. One West Bank, FSB et al. (In re Mary C. Benafel) BAP # OR-11-1005-PaJuCl, OR-11-1085-PaJuCl
12/09/2011 In re Taggart 09-39216-rld7
11/28/2011 In re Clinton and Delynn Tucker 10-67281-fra11
11/23/2011 Eiler v. Nolan (In re Nolan) 11-3220-tmb
11/21/2011 In re Philip R. Krouse, In re Krouse Ranch, Inc. 09-65459-fra7, 09-65465-fra7
11/08/2011 Carter v. Department of Education (In re Richard Dean Carter) BAP # OR-11-1191-ClPaJu
11/01/2011 In re William and Kay Pruitt 09-65328-fra7
10/28/2011 McKittrick v. Gavilon LLC (In re Cascade Grain Products, LLC) 11-3038-elp
10/28/2011 Waller v. Heckman (In re Jack Henry Heckman) 11-3161-elp
10/26/2011 Thorud v. Thorud (In re Thorud) 10-6107-elp
10/20/2011 UST v. Knowling (In re Joel Robert Knowling) 10-3298-rld
10/12/2011 In re Livia Glanville, In re Daniel and Sarah Waits 11-31815-tmb7, 11-32616-tmb7
09/02/2011 In re Bollinger 10-62344-fra13
09/02/2011 In re Cooper 10-66447-fra12
08/26/2011 Wilkes v. Cancelosi (In re Cancelosi) 10-3099-rld
08/16/2011 In re Warkentin 10-35332-rld11
08/09/2011 In re David and Rebecca Reed 10-38478-elp13
08/02/2011 In re Jones 10-65478-fra12
07/27/2011 In re Schuhmann Dist. Ct. 11-6050-AA
07/14/2011 Rinaldi v. Aguirre et al. (In re Devian Aquirre) 11-6050-fra
07/05/2011 McKittrick v. Brown, et al. (In re Joel Robert Knowling) 10-3148-rld
06/29/2011 In re Synergy Joint Venture, LLC 10-62766-fra11
06/28/2011 Fountain Village Development v. Weiner Investment Co., et al. (In re Fountain Village Development) 10-3018-rld
06/22/2011 Bergemann v. Brion & Higgins (In re Clay Willard Brion, III, In re Daniel Richard Higgins) 10-3281-tmb, 10-3282-tmb
06/09/2011 In re Michael McGinnis 11-60010-fra13
06/08/2011 LT Builders Group, LLC v. Blue Sky AvGroup, LLC, et al. (In re Aircraft Investor Resources, LLC) 10-3246-rld
06/08/2011 LT Builders Group, LLC v. Blue Sky AvGroup, LLC, et al. (In re Aircraft Investor Resources, LLC) 10-3246-rld
06/08/2011 In re William and Kay Pruitt 09-65328-fra7
05/17/2011 Smith-Canfield v. Spencer (In re Smith-Canfield) 09-6327-fra
05/13/2011 Freeman et al. v. Names et al. (In re Carol Ann Names) 10-6244
04/26/2011 In re Ramona Jacquelyn Morgan 10-67114-elp13
04/26/2011 United States Trustee v. Howell (In re Howell) 10-3040-rld
04/25/2011 In re Erik V. Nelson 10-40718-elp13
04/07/2011 Lenz v. Auto Acceptance (In re Lenz) 10-3294-rld
03/23/2011 Palen v. Olsen (In re Olsen) 10-6111-fra
03/21/2011 In re South Star Oil Co. 08-61072-fra7
03/15/2011 Dorroh v. Wurst et al. (In re Cedar S. Warren) BAP # OR-10-1110-MkHJu
03/08/2011 Willms v. Sanderson (In re Sanderson) 10-3071-rld
03/02/2011 Smith-Canfield v. Spencer (In re Smith-Canfield) 09-6327-fra
02/07/2011 Donald McCoy, III v. BNC Mortgage, et al. (In re Donald E. McCoy, III) 10-6224-fra
02/03/2011 O'Hagan v. von Borstel (In re Carsten von Borstel) 03-3523-elp
01/28/2011 Boyce v. United States Trustee (In re Douglas T. Boyce) Dist. Ct. 10-6286-HO
01/27/2011 Vineyard v. Vineyard (In re Lorri Ann Vineyard) 10-6168-fra
01/21/2011 Monk v. LSI Title Co. of Oregon et al. (In re Lester and Mary Monk) 10-6067-fra
01/19/2011 Schoor v. Cal-Western Reconveyance (In re Matthew Kennedy) 10-6029-fra
12/22/2010 In re Mary Constance Benafel 10-61542-fra13
12/15/2010 In re Collins 10-32098-tmb13
12/13/2010 In re Steve and Cindy Vincent 10-61848-fra13
12/09/2010 In re Schuhmann 10-63024-aer7
12/07/2010 In re Grignon/Hendrix 10-34196-tmb13
12/03/2010 In re Pioneer Village Investments, LLC 10-62852-fra11
11/19/2010 Steinhauser v. Promociones Tropical, Inc. et al. (In re Steinhauser) 09-3284-rld
10/22/2010 Kerivan et al. v. Frohnmayer et al. (In re Krouse Ranch, Inc.) 10-6115-fra
09/27/2010 Blocker v. Nomura Home Equity Home Loan, Inc. et al (In re Tyrone Blocker) 09-3361-rld
09/24/2010 Remington Ranch, LLC v. Hooker Creek Companies, LLC (In re Remington Ranch, LLC) 10-3093-elp
09/22/2010 In re Cynthia Odlin 07-62298-fra13
09/17/2010 Knappenberger v. Knight (In re Knight) 10-3092-rld
09/13/2010 Smith v. FMCC et al. (In re Michael and Jamie Smith) 10-6091-fra
09/10/2010 Miranda v. Tucci (In re Mario Tucci) 09-6031-fra
09/03/2010 In re McMillin 10-61929-aer7
08/24/2010 First American Title Co. et al. v. CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc. et al. (In re Fred Leroy Allman) 08-3245-elp
08/11/2010 In re Gary McDonald 09-65482-fra13
08/11/2010 OCCU v. Angulo (In re Modesto Angulo) 10-6061-fra
07/23/2010 Pfannenstiel v. ECMC (In re Pfannenstiel) 09-3280-rld
07/21/2010 Ford-Torres v. O'Shea (In re Robert O'Shea) 07-6084-fra
06/30/2010 In re Thomas and Pamela Kindell 10-63489-fra7
06/21/2010 In re Karen Elizabeth Stubblefield 09-38572-rld7
05/27/2010 Simons et al. v. Kolwitz (In re K Properties, LLC) 08-6067-fra
05/04/2010 In re Jamie Schulke 09-65100-fra13
03/22/2010 In re Cedar Warren 07-60674-fra7
01/20/2010 Boone v. California et al. (In re Robert and Sandra Boone) 09-6137-fra
01/08/2010 In re Orchards Village Investments, LLC 09-30893-rld11
12/21/2009 Commercial and Residential Maintenance, Inc. v. Abblitt (In re Devon Michael Abblitt) 09-6094-fra
12/18/2009 Sticka v. Applebaum et al. (In re David Michael Applebaum and Laura Michelle Finley) BAP # OR-09-1134-MkHPa
11/18/2009 Concretize, Inc. v. Fireshield, Inc. et al. (In re Concretize, Inc.) 09-3312-rld
11/13/2009 In re McIntyre 08-34900-tmb13
10/29/2009 Smith v. Rush (In re Geraldine K. Smith) 9th Cir. 07-35760
10/14/2009 Waag v. Permann (In re Matthew Waag) BAP # OR-08-1339-MoJuR
08/31/2009 In re Cascade Grain Products, LLC 09-30508-elp11
08/21/2009 In re Clark; In re Houts; In re Taylor; In re Berge; In re Galloway; In re Caraway; In re Bernard; In re Chilson; In re Mooney; In re Weller; In re Wilson 06-62407-aer13, 08-62216-aer13, 08-62785-aer13; 09-61563-aer13; 09-61595-fra7; 09-61596-aer7; 09-61605-aer7; 09-61553-aer7; 09-61608-aer13; 09-61567-aer13; 09-61309-aer7
08/17/2009 Kiefer v. Northwest Community Credit Union (In re Joseph R. Kiefer, II) 09-6105-fra
08/12/2009 In re Patricia Jimmy Sue Wishon 09-31219-rld13
07/17/2009 Keybank, N.A. v. Matrix Development Corp. (In re Matrix Development Corp.) Dist. Ct. 09-225-BR
07/16/2009 In re Matrix Development Corporation 08-32798-tmb11
07/06/2009 In re Society of Jesus, Oregon Province 09-30938-elp11
06/30/2009 United Services Associated v. Lupo (In re Joseph J. Lupo) 08-6196-fra
06/25/2009 Batlan v. Bledsoe (In re Jennifer Bledsoe) 9th Cir. 07-35567
06/24/2009 In re Roman Catholic Archbishop of Portland 04-37154-elp11
06/15/2009 Troutman v. Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (In re Troutman Investment Company) 9th Cir. 08-35296
05/26/2009 Smith v. Webre et al. (In re Geraldine K. Smith) 9th Cir. 07-35766
04/30/2009 In re Orchards Village Investments, LLC 09-30893-rld11
04/29/2009 In re Goss 06-31932-rld13
04/17/2009 In re David Applebaum and Laura Finley 08-63391-fra7
04/13/2009 In re Steen 08-35047-tmb13
04/08/2009 In re 10 Bears at Chiloquin, Inc. Dist. Ct. 08-6322-HO
03/26/2009 In re Clark; In re Houts; In re Taylor 06-62407-aer13, 08-62216-aer13, 08-62785-aer13
03/20/2009 Gelco Const. Co. v. Plum (In re Troy L. Plum) 08-6041-fra
03/16/2009 In re Joshua James Stewart and Olga V. Stewart 08-33275-rld7
03/03/2009 In re Geraldine K. Smith Dist. Ct. 08-7020-AA
03/02/2009 Mandalides v. West Coast Bank et al. (In re Christos Mandalides) BAP # OR-08-1189-MoJuMk
02/23/2009 McKay v. Ingleson (In re McKay) 9th Cir. 07-35362
02/13/2009 Harder v. PremierWest Bank et al. (In re Harder) 08-3265-tmb
02/05/2009 In re Melvin Hight Grimes 08-34275-rld13
01/07/2009 In re Midgley 05-30162-tmb13
12/02/2008 UST v Caron (In re Valeri G. Caron) 08-3065-rld
11/17/2008 United States Trustee v. Killian and Lesser (In re Killian and Lesser) 07-3315-elp
10/31/2008 Muhlheim Boyd, LLP v. U.S. Trustee (In re Ryan) Dist. Ct. 08-6250-HO
10/29/2008 Kasim v. Equifax et al. (In re Kasim) Dist. Ct. 08-627-HA, 08-628-HA
10/17/2008 In re Lewis Edward Graham 07-62339-fra11
10/15/2008 In re Todd W. Lindquist and Melody E. Lindquist 03-35895-rld7
10/09/2008 In re Matrix Development Corporation 08-32798-tmb11
09/15/2008 In re Robert and Toni Owens 05-70329-fra7
09/15/2008 In re South Star Oil Co. 08-61072-fra11
06/18/2008 Stoiber v. Galpern (In re Mark Stoiber) 08-6052-fra
06/11/2008 Schacher v. Dolph (In re Donald Brian Dolph) 07-3326-rld
06/04/2008 In re David B. Lorenz Dist. Ct. 08-443-KI
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