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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Judicial opinions from the District of Oregon, as well as other participating courts from throughout the nation, can also be accessed through the U.S. Government Publishing Office's United States Courts Opinions web page. This national site contains Oregon Bankruptcy Court judicial opinions starting from 2004. To view judicial opinions on the GPO’s website, click here

Case No.
07/31/2012 Sequoia Partners, LLC v. Rogue River Mortgage, LLC et al. (In re Sequoia Partners, LLC) 10-6270-fra
07/26/2012 Grogan v. Harvest Capital Co. et al. (In re Grogan) 11-6276-tmr
06/22/2012 Shamrock Building Materials, Inc. v. Dawson (In re Rebecca J. Dawson) 12-3042-rld
06/13/2012 In re Iaquinta 10-63501-fra13
05/24/2012 Sugar v. Eimstad (In re Eimstad) 11-6231-fra
05/10/2012 State of Oregon, DHS v. Hickey (In re Hickey), State of Oregon, DHS v. Scudder (In re Scudder) 11-6204-fra; 11-6206-fra
05/07/2012 Sticka v. Torrez (In re Michelle Nicole Torrez) Dist. Ct. 12-251-HO
05/07/2012 In re Eugene Pipe, LLC 11-60920-fra11
04/30/2012 Legacy Financial Svcs, Inc. v. Lynch (In re Brian Michael Lynch) 11-6224-fra
04/11/2012 Paulson v. Arbaugh et al. (In re Lauren John Paulsen) 11-3309-rld
04/02/2012 In re Richard L. Nguyen 11-35979-rld13
03/19/2012 In re Daniel Gary Williams 11-61683-fra7
03/05/2012 Hedlund v. The Educational Resources Institute Inc. et al. (In re Hedlund) Dist. Ct. 11-6281-AA
02/29/2012 In re Footen 11-38619-tmb7
02/14/2012 South Valley Bank & Trust v. Sequoia Village, LLC et al. (In re Sequoia Village, LLC) 11-6220-fra
02/07/2012 Williams, Love, O'Leary, & Powers, LLC v. Brann 11-3279-elp
01/31/2012 In re Taggart 09-39216-rld7
01/26/2012 In re Lloyd and Melissa Wedblad 10-65055-fra7
12/15/2011 In re Redco Development Co., LLC 10-64783-fra11
12/09/2011 In re Taggart 09-39216-rld7
12/09/2011 Mary C. Benafel v. One West Bank, FSB et al. (In re Mary C. Benafel) BAP # OR-11-1005-PaJuCl, OR-11-1085-PaJuCl
11/28/2011 In re Clinton and Delynn Tucker 10-67281-fra11
11/23/2011 Eiler v. Nolan (In re Nolan) 11-3220-tmb
11/21/2011 In re Philip R. Krouse, In re Krouse Ranch, Inc. 09-65459-fra7, 09-65465-fra7
11/08/2011 Carter v. Department of Education (In re Richard Dean Carter) BAP # OR-11-1191-ClPaJu
11/01/2011 In re William and Kay Pruitt 09-65328-fra7
10/28/2011 McKittrick v. Gavilon LLC (In re Cascade Grain Products, LLC) 11-3038-elp
10/28/2011 Waller v. Heckman (In re Jack Henry Heckman) 11-3161-elp
10/26/2011 Thorud v. Thorud (In re Thorud) 10-6107-elp
10/20/2011 UST v. Knowling (In re Joel Robert Knowling) 10-3298-rld
10/12/2011 In re Livia Glanville, In re Daniel and Sarah Waits 11-31815-tmb7, 11-32616-tmb7
09/02/2011 In re Cooper 10-66447-fra12
09/02/2011 In re Bollinger 10-62344-fra13
08/26/2011 Wilkes v. Cancelosi (In re Cancelosi) 10-3099-rld
08/16/2011 In re Warkentin 10-35332-rld11
08/09/2011 In re David and Rebecca Reed 10-38478-elp13
08/02/2011 In re Jones 10-65478-fra12
07/27/2011 In re Schuhmann Dist. Ct. 11-6050-AA
07/14/2011 Rinaldi v. Aguirre et al. (In re Devian Aquirre) 11-6050-fra
07/05/2011 McKittrick v. Brown, et al. (In re Joel Robert Knowling) 10-3148-rld
06/29/2011 In re Synergy Joint Venture, LLC 10-62766-fra11
06/28/2011 Fountain Village Development v. Weiner Investment Co., et al. (In re Fountain Village Development) 10-3018-rld
06/22/2011 Bergemann v. Brion & Higgins (In re Clay Willard Brion, III, In re Daniel Richard Higgins) 10-3281-tmb, 10-3282-tmb
06/09/2011 In re Michael McGinnis 11-60010-fra13
06/08/2011 LT Builders Group, LLC v. Blue Sky AvGroup, LLC, et al. (In re Aircraft Investor Resources, LLC) 10-3246-rld
06/08/2011 In re William and Kay Pruitt 09-65328-fra7
06/08/2011 LT Builders Group, LLC v. Blue Sky AvGroup, LLC, et al. (In re Aircraft Investor Resources, LLC) 10-3246-rld
05/17/2011 Smith-Canfield v. Spencer (In re Smith-Canfield) 09-6327-fra
05/13/2011 Freeman et al. v. Names et al. (In re Carol Ann Names) 10-6244
04/26/2011 United States Trustee v. Howell (In re Howell) 10-3040-rld
04/26/2011 In re Ramona Jacquelyn Morgan 10-67114-elp13
04/25/2011 In re Erik V. Nelson 10-40718-elp13
04/07/2011 Lenz v. Auto Acceptance (In re Lenz) 10-3294-rld
03/23/2011 Palen v. Olsen (In re Olsen) 10-6111-fra
03/21/2011 In re South Star Oil Co. 08-61072-fra7
03/15/2011 Dorroh v. Wurst et al. (In re Cedar S. Warren) BAP # OR-10-1110-MkHJu
03/08/2011 Willms v. Sanderson (In re Sanderson) 10-3071-rld
03/02/2011 Smith-Canfield v. Spencer (In re Smith-Canfield) 09-6327-fra
02/07/2011 Donald McCoy, III v. BNC Mortgage, et al. (In re Donald E. McCoy, III) 10-6224-fra
02/03/2011 O'Hagan v. von Borstel (In re Carsten von Borstel) 03-3523-elp
01/28/2011 Boyce v. United States Trustee (In re Douglas T. Boyce) Dist. Ct. 10-6286-HO
01/27/2011 Vineyard v. Vineyard (In re Lorri Ann Vineyard) 10-6168-fra
01/21/2011 Monk v. LSI Title Co. of Oregon et al. (In re Lester and Mary Monk) 10-6067-fra
01/19/2011 Schoor v. Cal-Western Reconveyance (In re Matthew Kennedy) 10-6029-fra
12/22/2010 In re Mary Constance Benafel 10-61542-fra13
12/15/2010 In re Collins 10-32098-tmb13
12/13/2010 In re Steve and Cindy Vincent 10-61848-fra13
12/09/2010 In re Schuhmann 10-63024-aer7
12/07/2010 In re Grignon/Hendrix 10-34196-tmb13
12/03/2010 In re Pioneer Village Investments, LLC 10-62852-fra11
11/19/2010 Steinhauser v. Promociones Tropical, Inc. et al. (In re Steinhauser) 09-3284-rld
10/22/2010 Kerivan et al. v. Frohnmayer et al. (In re Krouse Ranch, Inc.) 10-6115-fra
09/27/2010 Blocker v. Nomura Home Equity Home Loan, Inc. et al (In re Tyrone Blocker) 09-3361-rld
09/24/2010 Remington Ranch, LLC v. Hooker Creek Companies, LLC (In re Remington Ranch, LLC) 10-3093-elp
09/22/2010 In re Cynthia Odlin 07-62298-fra13
09/17/2010 Knappenberger v. Knight (In re Knight) 10-3092-rld
09/13/2010 Smith v. FMCC et al. (In re Michael and Jamie Smith) 10-6091-fra
09/10/2010 Miranda v. Tucci (In re Mario Tucci) 09-6031-fra
09/03/2010 In re McMillin 10-61929-aer7
08/24/2010 First American Title Co. et al. v. CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc. et al. (In re Fred Leroy Allman) 08-3245-elp
08/11/2010 OCCU v. Angulo (In re Modesto Angulo) 10-6061-fra
08/11/2010 In re Gary McDonald 09-65482-fra13
07/23/2010 Pfannenstiel v. ECMC (In re Pfannenstiel) 09-3280-rld
07/21/2010 Ford-Torres v. O'Shea (In re Robert O'Shea) 07-6084-fra
06/30/2010 In re Thomas and Pamela Kindell 10-63489-fra7
06/21/2010 In re Karen Elizabeth Stubblefield 09-38572-rld7
05/27/2010 Simons et al. v. Kolwitz (In re K Properties, LLC) 08-6067-fra
05/04/2010 In re Jamie Schulke 09-65100-fra13
03/22/2010 In re Cedar Warren 07-60674-fra7
01/20/2010 Boone v. California et al. (In re Robert and Sandra Boone) 09-6137-fra
01/08/2010 In re Orchards Village Investments, LLC 09-30893-rld11
12/21/2009 Commercial and Residential Maintenance, Inc. v. Abblitt (In re Devon Michael Abblitt) 09-6094-fra
12/18/2009 Sticka v. Applebaum et al. (In re David Michael Applebaum and Laura Michelle Finley) BAP # OR-09-1134-MkHPa
11/18/2009 Concretize, Inc. v. Fireshield, Inc. et al. (In re Concretize, Inc.) 09-3312-rld
11/13/2009 In re McIntyre 08-34900-tmb13
10/29/2009 Smith v. Rush (In re Geraldine K. Smith) 9th Cir. 07-35760
10/14/2009 Waag v. Permann (In re Matthew Waag) BAP # OR-08-1339-MoJuR
08/31/2009 In re Cascade Grain Products, LLC 09-30508-elp11
08/21/2009 In re Clark; In re Houts; In re Taylor; In re Berge; In re Galloway; In re Caraway; In re Bernard; In re Chilson; In re Mooney; In re Weller; In re Wilson 06-62407-aer13, 08-62216-aer13, 08-62785-aer13; 09-61563-aer13; 09-61595-fra7; 09-61596-aer7; 09-61605-aer7; 09-61553-aer7; 09-61608-aer13; 09-61567-aer13; 09-61309-aer7
08/17/2009 Kiefer v. Northwest Community Credit Union (In re Joseph R. Kiefer, II) 09-6105-fra
08/12/2009 In re Patricia Jimmy Sue Wishon 09-31219-rld13
07/17/2009 Keybank, N.A. v. Matrix Development Corp. (In re Matrix Development Corp.) Dist. Ct. 09-225-BR
07/16/2009 In re Matrix Development Corporation 08-32798-tmb11
07/06/2009 In re Society of Jesus, Oregon Province 09-30938-elp11
06/30/2009 United Services Associated v. Lupo (In re Joseph J. Lupo) 08-6196-fra
06/25/2009 Batlan v. Bledsoe (In re Jennifer Bledsoe) 9th Cir. 07-35567
06/24/2009 In re Roman Catholic Archbishop of Portland 04-37154-elp11
06/15/2009 Troutman v. Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (In re Troutman Investment Company) 9th Cir. 08-35296
05/26/2009 Smith v. Webre et al. (In re Geraldine K. Smith) 9th Cir. 07-35766
04/30/2009 In re Orchards Village Investments, LLC 09-30893-rld11
04/29/2009 In re Goss 06-31932-rld13
04/17/2009 In re David Applebaum and Laura Finley 08-63391-fra7
04/13/2009 In re Steen 08-35047-tmb13
04/08/2009 In re 10 Bears at Chiloquin, Inc. Dist. Ct. 08-6322-HO
03/26/2009 In re Clark; In re Houts; In re Taylor 06-62407-aer13, 08-62216-aer13, 08-62785-aer13
03/20/2009 Gelco Const. Co. v. Plum (In re Troy L. Plum) 08-6041-fra
03/16/2009 In re Joshua James Stewart and Olga V. Stewart 08-33275-rld7
03/03/2009 In re Geraldine K. Smith Dist. Ct. 08-7020-AA
03/02/2009 Mandalides v. West Coast Bank et al. (In re Christos Mandalides) BAP # OR-08-1189-MoJuMk
02/23/2009 McKay v. Ingleson (In re McKay) 9th Cir. 07-35362
02/13/2009 Harder v. PremierWest Bank et al. (In re Harder) 08-3265-tmb
02/05/2009 In re Melvin Hight Grimes 08-34275-rld13
01/07/2009 In re Midgley 05-30162-tmb13
12/02/2008 UST v Caron (In re Valeri G. Caron) 08-3065-rld
11/17/2008 United States Trustee v. Killian and Lesser (In re Killian and Lesser) 07-3315-elp
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