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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Case No.
02/16/1990 McGinnis v. U.S. Fiduciary Corp. (In re Lew Stewart McGinnis) 88-0383-P
02/16/1990 In re Christopher J. Jones 387-03171-P7
02/14/1990 Richard Clapp v. Janet Loprinzi (In re Janet Loprinzi) 89-3005
02/13/1990 FCC National Bank v. Gerald G. Wilson et al. (In re Gerald G. and Teresa L. Wilson) 89-3253
02/12/1990 In re Plaid Pantries, Inc. 389-31028-S11
01/25/1990 In re Iles 389-34393-H13
01/18/1990 Tel-Ad Advisors, Inc. v. GBC Liquidation, Inc. (In re GBC Liquidation, Inc.) BAP # OR-89-1608-MeJV
01/04/1990 In re Bennatt 688-63579-H7
12/29/1989 In re Smith 387-05189-S7
08/22/1989 Grassmueck, Inc. v. Clough (In re Clough) 688-5079-W
08/16/1989 Bishop v. Douglas et al. (In re Douglas) 88-0447
01/31/1989 In re Manz 389-34802-S7
12/21/1988 In re Parrott 386-03650-H13
09/15/1988 In re Claibourn 687-07408-W7
06/29/1987 In re Cornutt 686-09045-W13
12/31/1986 In re Michael J. Stalford 385-03394
11/12/1986 In re Zaremba 685-08335-W7
09/04/1986 In re Foote 686-07116-W7
04/30/1986 In re Dormer 685-09150
02/13/1986 In re Ficke 685-07184(a)
12/30/1985 In re McAlister 684-07441
12/09/1985 In re Dayton 685-07165
11/08/1984 Ridgway v. Credits, Inc. (In re Hoffman) 84-0151
02/16/1984 In re Stewart 383-03855
11/28/1983 In re White 683-07110
11/21/1983 In re Hawes 682-07173
11/17/1983 Mathew v Hedrick et al. 83-0512
09/27/1983 In re Maier 383-01638
04/15/1983 In re Willett 383-00410
09/02/1982 In re Dotson 682-07035
02/24/1981 In re Keown 380-02418
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