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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Case No.
11/13/1992 In re Robert W. Myers, Trustee 92-303-H
11/02/1992 In re Kane 392-32133-S11
10/16/1992 In re Pohrman 691-63643-R7
10/13/1992 In re Coultas 392-34206-H13
10/08/1992 In re Ivory 391-32714-H13
10/06/1992 In re EZ Feed Cube Co., Ltd. BAP # OR-91-1895-ORAs
10/05/1992 XTI Xonix Technologies, Inc. v. AT&T (In re XTI Xonix Technologies Inc.) Dist. Ct. 92-694-RE
09/29/1992 France v. Ray (In re Ray) Dist. Ct. 92-637-MA
09/14/1992 In re Proudfoot BAP # OR-92-1219-JRAs
09/01/1992 In re Desrosiers 392-33417-H13
08/21/1992 O'Connell & Goyak v. Watson (In re Cox) BAP # OR-91-2259-JAsR
08/20/1992 Multco Employees Credit Union v. Martin (In re Martin) BAP # OR-91-2106-AsJR
08/14/1992 Allison v. US Bankruptcy Court (In re Allison) 9th Cir. 88-3761
08/11/1992 In re The Corey Partners Dist. Ct. 92-6073-HO
07/28/1992 Roost v. Douglas County (In re Southern Oregon Mortgage, Inc.) 91-6344-R
07/15/1992 In re Rex and Gloria Scoggins 686-08716-R7
07/02/1992 McGinnis v. Farmer et al. (In re McGinnis) 91-3498
06/26/1992 Knight v. Boese (In re Gordon & Bonnie Knight) 91-6190-R
06/23/1992 In re Rubottom 391-31383-H11
06/17/1992 Kupetz v. Burt, Vetterlein & Bushnell (In re Stein) 92-3112-S
05/28/1992 Bald Knob Land & Timber Co v. Bonebrake Contracting, Inc. (In re Bald Knob Land & Timber Co.) Dist. Ct. 92-499-JO
04/27/1992 In re Bier Dist. Ct. 92-438-JO
04/20/1992 Western Wire Works, Inc. et al. v. Lawler et al. (In re William and Cathi Lawler) BAP # OR-91-1208-VAsO, OR-91-1290-VAsO, OR-91-1411-VAsO
04/14/1992 Roost v. Timber Components, Inc. (In re Tyee Timbers, Inc.) 90-6334-R
04/07/1992 Gull Industries, Inc. v. Hanna (In re Hanna) 90-3388-S
03/27/1992 In re Marquam Investment Corp. Dist. Ct. 88-915-RE
03/26/1992 In re Pad Enterprises, Inc. 684-07449-R7
03/24/1992 In re Willamette Central Corp. 390-33946-P7
03/02/1992 In re Kane 392-32133-S11
02/21/1992 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp v. Hanna (In re Hanna) 91-3458-S
02/19/1992 In re West Dist. Ct. 92-60-FR
02/11/1992 In re Hurt 391-35495-H13
01/30/1992 Official Unsecured Creditors Committee of Suffola, Inc. v. U.S. National Bank (In re Suffola, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 91-1280-JO
01/13/1992 Newport v. Roost (In re Southern Oregon Mortgage, Inc. et al) BAP # OR-91-1589-OVAs
01/07/1992 Price/McGinnis v. IRS (In re Price/McGinnis) 91-3060
12/31/1991 In re Rubottom BAP # OR-91-1612-AsVO
12/19/1991 In re Daniel & Pauline Webb Dist. Ct. 91-6268-JO
12/12/1991 In re Hyman 391-32030-S7
12/06/1991 In re Plaid Pantries Dist. Ct. 91-1158-FR
11/19/1991 In re Jones 390-37035-P7
10/30/1991 In re Colin 391-32884-H13
10/29/1991 In re Hustwaite 390-36445-H13
10/29/1991 In re Koeppen 391-32208-H13
10/24/1991 Parks v. USA (IRS) (In re Parks) 90-3323-S
10/22/1991 In re Safeguard Security Systems, Inc. 390-32608-S7
09/30/1991 In re Hemphill Dist. Ct. 91-902-FR
09/13/1991 Binder v. IPCA (In re Binder) BAP # OR-90-1759-MeOV
09/03/1991 First Interstate Bank of Or. v. Sherwood (In re Latitudes Marine Towing and Salvage) BAP # OR-91-1041-MeAsJ
09/03/1991 Fitzsimmons v. Stokes et al. (In re Fitzsimmons) BAP # OR-91-1023-MeAsJ
08/29/1991 In re Thurmond 683-07538-W7
08/06/1991 Petersen v. Isaak et al. (In re Petersen) 86-0601-H
07/22/1991 In re Randolph 390-32378-S7
07/19/1991 In re Lee 388-04306-S7
07/19/1991 In re Bowen 390-36505-S7
07/11/1991 Bagley v. Walker (In re Walker) 91-3087
07/10/1991 Watson v. Ragen, Tremaine et al. (In re Atkins) Dist. Ct. 91-433-PA
07/10/1991 Hucke v. State of Oregon et al. (In re Hucke) Dist. Ct. 91-672-PA
07/03/1991 In re Keefauver 688-62118-H7
06/25/1991 Marks v. Miller et al. (In re Jack Miller) 89-3433
06/18/1991 Roost v. U.S. National Bank of Oregon (In re Ishaq) 690-6332-H
06/14/1991 First Interstate Bank of Oregon v. Randolph (In re Randolph) 90-3489-S
06/07/1991 Hamby v. James (In re James) 90-3019-H
05/30/1991 Grassmueck v. Food Industries Credit Union (In re James W. Smith) 689-6196-H
04/16/1991 Heritage Enterprises v. Silcor Inc. (In re Heritage Enterprises) Dist. Ct. 91-6033-JO
04/11/1991 In re Nendels-Medford Joint Venture 691-60245-H11
04/11/1991 In re Braker BAP # OR-90-1193-OMeR
04/11/1991 Scott v. Elmblade (In re Scott) Dist. Ct. 91-6093
04/08/1991 In re Kathleene Jerold Miller Dist. Ct. 91-6044
04/05/1991 Roost v. Newport (In re Southern Oregon Mortgage, Inc. et al.) 690-6139-R
04/03/1991 In re Tuley 389-30272-S7
03/21/1991 Murphy v. Lane County, Snowden v. Lane County (In re Murphy, In re Snowden) BAP # OR-89-1934-OMeR, BAP # OR-89-2124-OMeR
03/20/1991 Clackamas Town Center Associates v. Hartvig (In re Sanford's, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 91-65-PA
03/04/1991 Grassmueck v. Zamsky (In re E.Z. Feed Cube Company, Ltd.) 688-5237-R
02/21/1991 In re Hatfield 390-35594-S7
02/14/1991 In re McCormmach BAP # OR-90-1341-MeRO
02/08/1991 Maginnis v. Pederson (In re Pederson), Maginnis v. Sammis (In re Sammis), Peterson et al. v. Pederson, Peterson et al. v. Sammis Dist. Ct. 90-417-MA, 90-464-MA, 90-418-MA, 90-465-MA
02/05/1991 Paul Lansdowne, Inc. v. Marko et al. (In re Cox) 687-5025-W
01/18/1991 US National Bank of Oregon v. FMC Corporation et al. (In re Your Town and Country Co-Op) BAP # OR-90-1138-MeRO
01/15/1991 In re ACS Marketing Services, Inc. 390-31112-P7
01/11/1991 In re McAllister 689-60982-R13
01/08/1991 National Warranty Corporation v. Williams/Wilson Dodge Subaru, Inc., National Warranty Corporation v. Williams/Wilson Automobiles, Inc. (In re Williams Wilson Dodge Subaru, Inc., In re Williams Wilson Automobiles, Inc.) 690-6019-H, 690-6025-H
12/21/1990 United Ass'n. N.W. Fed. C.U. v. Lang (In re Lang) Dist. Ct. 90-923-FR
12/19/1990 Lansdowne v. Hildreth (In re Cox) Dist. Ct. 90-6404-JO
12/11/1990 Morrow v. US Fire Ins. Co. (In re Latitudes Marine, Inc.) 90-3082-S
11/06/1990 In re Barton 390-30863-S7
10/25/1990 Inn at Rogue Valley v. Seattle-First National Bank (In re The Inn at Rogue Valley Partnership) 690-6032-H
10/24/1990 State of Oregon v. Lange (In re Lange) BAP # OR-89-1502-JMeV
10/22/1990 In re Lucas 388-00171-H07
10/16/1990 In re Hayes Dist. Ct. 90-0893-RE
10/12/1990 In re Power Master, Inc. 389-34821-S11
10/11/1990 Grassmueck v. Bane (In re George and Deloris Oerding) 688-5183-R
10/09/1990 Bank of Eastern Oregon v. Bettis (In re Brooks) BAP # OR-89-1682-RMeO
10/05/1990 Bullock v. Roost (In re Gold Key Properties, Inc.) 689-6179-R7
10/02/1990 Official Unsecured Creditors Committee of Sufolla, Inc. v. U.S. National Bank (In re Sufolla, Inc.) 89-3077
10/01/1990 In re Shotwell 389-35115-H13
09/28/1990 In re Don Brickey 690-62513-R11
09/12/1990 Tualatin Valley Builders Supply v. Harper, Hutchings & Harper v. Tualatin Valley Builders Supply (In re James P. Harper, In re Hutchings & Harper Enterprises) 88-0526-S, 89-3041-S
09/10/1990 Stokes v. Fitzsimmons (In re Fitzsimmons) 89-3139
09/04/1990 Mitchell v. Deitz (In re Deitz) 9th Cir. 89-35031
08/09/1990 Hill v. East Asiatic Co., Ltd. (In re Bergsoe Metal Corp.) 9th Cir. 89-35397
07/27/1990 Rumble et al. v. Brown (In re Brown) 88-0563-P
06/29/1990 Sticka v. Yosten (In re Estate of Empire Northwest, Inc.) 689-6170-H
06/27/1990 Knight v. Washington Dept. of Social & Health Serv. (In re Knight) 88-0537-P
06/25/1990 Franzwa v. Nichols et al. (In re Development Systems, Inc.) 89-3237-S
06/25/1990 In re Sellard 383-01035-S7
06/07/1990 Grassmueck v. Foster (In re E.Z. Feed Cube Co., Ltd.) 688-5234-R
06/06/1990 Aurora Bulb Corp. v. Tonkon, Torp (In re Melridge, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 90-558-FR
05/31/1990 U.S. Lumber Sales, Inc. v. Lucas (In re Lucas) BAP # OR-89-1503-AsVR
05/24/1990 Northwest Marine Iron Works v. USA Dept of Navy (In re Northwest Marine Iron Works) Dist. Ct. 90-223-MA
05/23/1990 Marks v. Opti-Craft (In re Professional Eyecare Associates) Dist. Ct. 89-1415-PA
05/18/1990 In re Selden 389-32535-H13
05/18/1990 In re Rau BAP # OR-89-1783-VRAs
04/23/1990 In re Frank Lee White 689-60844-H13
04/23/1990 In re Anibal 390-30886-P7
04/20/1990 First Pacific Corporation v. Merrill (In re Merrill) BAP # OR-89-1526-MeVJ
04/20/1990 Hartvig v. Kellas and US West; Watson v. Kincaid and US West (In re Kellas, In re Kincaid) Dist. Ct. 89-1375
04/13/1990 Woodward v. United States (In re Woodward) 689-6079-R
04/02/1990 Mitchell v. Phipps et al. (In re Brookfields, Inc.) 89-3267
03/30/1990 In re Gregg BAP # OR-89-1693-RVAs
03/16/1990 Collins v. Tonkin Honda (In re Collins) 89-3422-S
03/13/1990 In re Piontek 689-60632-H7
03/13/1990 In re Hayes 388-00187-H13
03/08/1990 In re Marquam Investment Corp. Dist. Ct. 88-0915-RE
03/02/1990 In re McCormmach 389-00079-H7
03/02/1990 In re McDowell 389-31843-H
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