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Information For Attorneys

Welcome to the Attorneys section of the Court's website. Here you will find information pertinent to you and your business with the Court.

Pro Hac Vice Admissions

To begin practicing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon, you must be admitted by the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon or submit an Application for Special Admission pro hac vice (LBF #120). Per LBR 5005-4, an attorney who files or lodges documents must do so electronically.  Click here for more information about Electronic Filing.

Local Rules and Forms

The Court has designed its Local Bankruptcy Rules (LBRs) to be a practice aid for attorneys. In addition, the Court has created a number of mandatory Local Bankruptcy Forms (LBFs) to facilitate filing and court review. You are strongly encouraged to become familiar with these resources.  Failure to comply with LBRs or use mandatory LBFs may result in filed documents being stricken. If you are uncertain as to a court procedure, or if you have made an error in filing a document, you are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of the Case Administrator assigned to your case.

Oregon State Bar Debtor-Creditor Section

The Debtor-Creditor Section of the Oregon State Bar provides a number of educational and informational resources for its members, as well as an email forum for reaching out to fellow section members for advice.  Attending section meetings and events, as well as volunteering in the Bankruptcy Clinics, are excellent ways to increase your bankruptcy knowledge and enhance your professional network.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon's Pro Bono Program

The Court also administers a Pro Bono Program to provide limited pro bono representation to unrepresented parties.  Learn more about how to volunteer for pro bono service

Questions or Comments

The Court strives to maintain user-friendly and efficient procedures.  If you have any comments or suggestions, you are encouraged to submit them via the "Contact Us" email template on the bottom of this page.