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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Case No.
08/13/2003 In re Robert and Anne Brown 603-62645-fra13
08/08/2003 In re Magar E. Magar BAP # OR-02-1580-CRyMa
08/06/2003 Robert K. Morrow, Inc. v. Rencher (In re Rencher) 02-3329-elp
07/16/2003 In re Helmut and Helga Schwarz 697-64654-fra7
07/07/2003 In re Grayson 301-30932-elp13
05/21/2003 Linc Acquisition One LLC v. Ed’s Muffler’s Unlimited, Inc. (In re Ed's Muffler's Unlimited, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 03-184-FR
05/07/2003 Gray v. Household Finance Corp. II (In re Gray) 02-3587-elp
05/06/2003 OPC Liquidation Corp. v. Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. (In re OPC Liquidation Corp.) Dist. Ct. 02-1355-HA
02/28/2003 Sticka v. Casserino (In re Casserino) BAP # OR-02-1512-MORyB
02/28/2003 In re Grayson 301-30932-elp13
02/28/2003 In re Casper 9th Cir. 01-35748
02/12/2003 In re Tenos Moses Pete BAP # OR-02-1166-MaHRy
02/12/2003 In re William and Denise James 02-66620-fra13
12/20/2002 Williams v. Sallie Mae (In re Williams) BAP # OR-02-1313-RyMaH
12/15/2002 Carlson v. Carlson (In re Scott Carlson) 02-6006-fra
12/05/2002 In re Grayson 301-30932-elp13
11/26/2002 In re David Russell Peter Dist. Ct. 02-6295-AA
11/19/2002 Meyers v. Empire Wholesale Lumber Co. et al. (In re Benjamin Meyers) 9th Cir. 01-35012
10/29/2002 Educational Credit Management Corp. v. Robinson (In re Robinson) 01-6170-aer
10/18/2002 In re Anita Butchas 601-68254-fra13
10/18/2002 In re Shilo Inn, Diamond Bar et al. 302-32435-elp11
09/30/2002 In re Falke 301-41901-tmb7
08/26/2002 In re Christopher and Katherine Lambert BAP # OR-02-1136-MoRyk
08/15/2002 In re Casserino 699-66978-aer7
06/27/2002 In re WCI Cable, Inc. et al. 301-38242-rld11
05/16/2002 Smith v. Gold Country Lenders (In re Smith) 9th Cir. 00-36014
05/16/2002 Gold Country Lenders v. Smith, Smith v. Gold Country Lenders (In re Geraldine K. Smith) 9th Cir. 00-36014, 00-36032
04/29/2002 Beck v. Advanta Mortgage Group, USA (In re Southern Pacific Funding Corp.) Dist. Ct. 02-203-MA
04/25/2002 In re Nancy Davenport 601-67522-fra7
04/11/2002 In re Daraee 301-36459-tmb13
02/07/2002 US Forest Industries v. Jernigan (In re US Forest Industries, Inc.) 01-6255-fra
02/01/2002 WCI Cable, Inc. v. Alaska Railroad Corp. et al. (In re WCI Cable, Inc.) 01-3407-rld
01/28/2002 McDowell Welding & Pipefitting, Inc. v. U.S. Gypsum Co. et al. Dist. Ct. 01-1140-BR
12/11/2001 In re Christopher and Katherine Lambert 601-61015-fra7
12/07/2001 In re Jason Ronald Platt and Pamela Kay Platt 301-36561-rld7
11/02/2001 Zelmer v. 21st Century Towing, Inc. (In re Curtis D. Zelmer) Dist. Ct. 01-1309-HA
10/23/2001 In re Stratton 600-66349-aer7
10/15/2001 In re Southern Pacific Funding Corp. 9th Cir. 00-35019
10/03/2001 Morrow v. A.C. Freight Systems et al. (In re Silver Eagle Company) Dist. Ct. 01-1262-BR
10/03/2001 Morrow v. Utah Idaho Freight Systems (In re Silver Eagle Company) Dist. Ct. 01-1263-BR
10/02/2001 Grassmueck v. Werner J. Nistler, Jr. et. al. (In re Nistler) Dist. Ct. 01-1261-BR
09/20/2001 Grassmueck v. First Security Bank (In re Bridges) Dist. Ct. 01-1163-BR
09/13/2001 Batlan v. Transamerica Commercial Finance Corp. (In re Smith's Home Furnishings, Inc.) 9th Cir. 99-35946
08/21/2001 US Trustee v. Taub (In re Bercume, In re Greenwaldt, In re Vanorman, In re Simmons)) 601-6022-fra
08/16/2001 In re Carlton 300-40223-elp7
08/10/2001 In re Cope 300-37575-tmb7
06/28/2001 In re U & R Express 693-62125-fra7
06/12/2001 In re Casper BAP # OR-00-1581-BKRy
05/29/2001 In re Doorn 399-36294-elp13
05/18/2001 Wurst v. Scharff et al. (In re Deborah Jean Tabor) 00-6184-fra
05/04/2001 Roost v. Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (In re Leslie J. Moon) 00-6010-aer
04/20/2001 Stringer v. Mitchell (In re Alexander V. Stein) 00-3107-rld
04/16/2001 In re Silver Eagle Co. 300-34096-elp7
03/27/2001 Johnson v. U.S. Dept. of Human Svcs. (In re Craig Johnson) 00-6233-fra
02/06/2001 In re Cottage Grove Hospital 698-64406-aer11
01/31/2001 Sequeira v. Sallie Mae Svc'g Corp. et al. (In re Karen Sequeira) 99-6239-fra
12/18/2000 Erwin v. Federal-Metals Credit Union (In re Pamela Erwin) Dist. Ct. 00-6314-AA
12/15/2000 Roost v. Scott and Norman (In re Patricia Parker) BAP # OR-00-1074-BKMa
12/15/2000 In re Atlas Telecom, Inc. Dist. Ct. 00-309-HA
12/14/2000 Grassmueck v. Nistler (In re Charles M. & Jana L. Nistler) 00-3097-tmb
11/30/2000 Meyers v. Empire Wholesale Lumber Co. (In re Benjamin Meyers) BAP # OR-00-1046-KMaB
11/30/2000 Smith v. Roost et al. (In re Geraldine Kay Smith) BAP # OR-00-1029-MaBK, OR-00-1192-MaBK
11/22/2000 Grassmueck v. WFS Financial, Inc. (In re Sergio Cortez and Georgina Rojas Soto) 00-3157-rld
11/21/2000 In re Bernard Nicholas Merrill 300-33270-tmb13
11/16/2000 Ranger Enterprises, Inc. v. Anthony Lee McBride (In re Anthony Lee McBride) Dist. Ct. 00-1324
10/13/2000 In re I.F. Rodgers & Sons, In re I.F. and Lorraine Rodgers 696-62478-aer11, 696-62477-aer11
10/06/2000 In re Agripac, Inc. 699-60001-fra7
09/28/2000 Roost v. Western Cascade Federal Credit Union (In re Tew) Dist. Ct. 00-6233-HO
08/16/2000 Am. Technologies, Inc. et al. v. Grassmueck, et al. (In re Agripac, Inc.) 00-6007-fra
08/10/2000 In re Pletz 9th Cir. 99-35248
08/08/2000 In re Howard and Lillian Tremblay 600-60689-fra7
08/04/2000 Smith v. Gold Country Lenders (In re Geraldine K. Smith) BAP # OR-99-1542-RyKM, OR-99-1543-RyKM
07/12/2000 Rethwill v. Hansen et al. (In re Bradley Rethwill) 699-6349-fra
07/10/2000 In re Stein 9th Cir. 99-35826
06/02/2000 In re Wollin, In re Moody 699-63363-aer13, 699-63364-aer13
05/10/2000 In re Claudine Beckner Dist. Ct. 00-6090-HO
05/05/2000 In re Mary Loftis 600-60318-fra12
03/23/2000 Harry Ritchie's Jewelers, Inc. v. Kenneth Chlebowski (In re Kenneth Chlebowski) 99-6156-fra
01/07/2000 In re United Ironworks, Inc. 699-61211-fra11
01/07/2000 In re Kathryn Robertson 697-61956-fra13
12/15/1999 In re Ulledahl BAP # OR-99-1376-MeRyK
12/07/1999 In re Southern Pacific Funding Corp. Dist. Ct. 99-1613-MA
12/03/1999 Flegel v. Burt & Assocs. (In re Kallmeyer and Flegel) BAP # OR-99-1371-RyKMe
11/24/1999 Mitchell v. Burt & Gordon (In re Stein) 9th Cir. 98-35659, 98-35661
11/18/1999 Eagle Creek Enterprises, Inc. v. Water Front Recreation, Inc. (In re Eagle Creek Enterprises, Inc.) 99-3272
11/18/1999 United States Trustee v. Garvey, Schubert (In re Century Cleaning Services, Inc.) 9th Cir. 98-35027
11/15/1999 In re Amos and Peggy Valdez Dist. Ct. 99-6254-HO
11/12/1999 Durham Farms et al. v. United States (In re W.J. Hoyt Sons Management Co.) 99-3291-elp
11/04/1999 Rogue Federal Credit Union v. Dalton (In re Donney and Ronda Dalton) BAP # OR-98-1831-KMeRy
11/03/1999 Toth-Fejel v. Kramer & Toth-Fejel (In re Des Chuttes Investments, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 99-343-JO
11/03/1999 Roost v. John Wilber (In re Patricia Parker) 98-6311-fra
11/03/1999 Mahler v. Mahler (In re Nancy Mahler) BAP # OR-98-1830-RyKMe
11/02/1999 Yaden v. Robinson (In re Robinson) BAP # OR-98-1689-KMoB
11/02/1999 Empire Wholesale Lumber Co. v. Meyers (In re Benjamin Meyers) 97-6273-fra, 99-6079-fra
10/15/1999 Beam v. I.R.S. (In re Beam) 9th Cir. 98-35576
10/14/1999 Fabia v. Clibborn (In re Clibborn), Fabia v. Overholser (In re Overholser) 96-6153-aer, 96-3307-psh/aer
10/05/1999 In re Angela Lynn Howe 399-33823-rld7
09/13/1999 Smith v. Hirte et al. (In re Geraldine K. Smith) BAP # OR-98-1370-BKRy
09/10/1999 Hostmann v. Capital Consultants, Inc. et al. (In re WS, Inc.) 9th Cir. 98-35727
08/20/1999 Empire Wholesale Lumber Co. v. Meyers et al. (In re Benjamin Meyers) 99-6079-fra
08/17/1999 Batlan v. Transamerica Commercial Finance Corp. (In re Smith's Home Furnishings, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 99-400-JO
07/22/1999 Mitchell v. Transamerica Commercial Finance Corporation and Amana Finance (In re Doughty's Appliance, Inc.) 99-3032-rld
07/21/1999 In re M. Wood Enterprises Dist. Ct. 99-6053-HO
07/20/1999 In re Jonathan and Christina Louthan 698-64823-fra7
07/07/1999 Sticka v. Vosberg (In re Vosberg) Dist. Ct. 99-6099-HO
07/07/1999 In re Stein Dist. Ct. 99-786-FR
06/03/1999 McGregor v. Michael Grassmueck, Inc. (In re George and Katherine McGregor) BAP # OR-98-1732-RyBK
06/03/1999 Roost v. Associates Home Equity Services, Inc. (In re Williams) 98-6195-aer
05/06/1999 Cottage Grove Hospital v. Glickman et al. (In re Cottage Grove Hospital) 98-6272-aer
04/27/1999 In re Kern Family Services, Inc., In re Hull & Hull Funeral Home, Inc., In re Hawthorne Memorial Gardens, Inc., In re Southern Oregon Cremation Svcs, Inc. 698-64024-fra11, 698-64025-fra11, 698-64026-fra11, 698-64027-fra11
04/20/1999 In re Rovig 397-36652-elp7
04/19/1999 Yaden v. Osworth (In re Edward and Kerry Osworth) BAP # OR-98-1409-MeRRy
04/12/1999 In re Hood Lumber Company 397-36565-psh11
04/07/1999 In re Edward and Judith Dutra 696-64374-fra13
04/02/1999 In re Agripac, Inc. 699-60001-fra11
03/29/1999 In re Amos and Peggy Valdez 698-61386-fra7
03/22/1999 In re Douglas R. Colburn, In re Alan D. Macklin and Brenda J. Lindsey-Macklin 398-32210-rld13, 398-33273-rld13
02/25/1999 In re Mervin and Jean Novak 698-65692-fra7
02/25/1999 In re Susan Jensen 698-64677-fra7
02/16/1999 Pacific Western Development Corp. v. Pacific Capital Partners et al. (In re Pacific Western Development) 9th Cir. 97-35304
02/02/1999 Grassmueck v. Jeffrey and Sharon Anderson (In re Jeffrey and Sharon Anderson) Dist. Ct. 98-6049-HO
02/01/1999 Sticka v. U-Lane-O Credit Union (In re Katherine McKay) 98-6055-fra
01/25/1999 Sticka v. Eck et al. (In re Schwarzenberg Vineyards, Inc.) 98-6305-fra
01/20/1999 In re Meyers 698-63466-aer7
01/14/1999 In re Arrow Transportation Company of Delaware Dist. Ct. 98-1465-FR
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