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The District of Oregon offers a database of opinions from 1990 to the present, as well as a limited number of opinions from earlier years, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box available.

Case No.
01/14/1999 In re Arrow Transportation Company of Delaware Dist. Ct. 98-1465-FR
12/22/1998 In re Pletz Dist. Ct. 98-1357
12/09/1998 Mitchell v. Clearwater-Thompson (In re Clearwater-Thompson) Dist. Ct. 98-933-HA
11/25/1998 Roost v. Green Tree Financial Servicing Corp. (In re Stoerck) 98-6028-fra
11/16/1998 Clearwater-Thompson v. Michael Grassmueck, Inc. (In re Clearwater-Thompson) 9th Cir. 97-35615
11/13/1998 Niedermeyer v. Hartvig (In re Niedermeyer-Martin Company) BAP # OR-97-1909-RiJRy
11/05/1998 In re I.F. and Lorraine Rodgers, In re I.F. Rodgers & Sons Dist. Ct. 98-6271
10/15/1998 Hill v. Bergey (In re Hill) Dist. Ct. 98-944-FR
10/15/1998 Hostmann v. Marine Consultants, Inc. et al (In re W.S., Inc.) Dist. Ct. 97-1020-FR
09/25/1998 Roost v. Lisa McCourt (In re Harold McCourt) 97-6379-fra
09/25/1998 Still v. Patten (In re Glenn Patten) 97-6351-fra
09/03/1998 Smith v. Kadwell et al (In re Richard Smith) 98-6207-fra
08/14/1998 In re Rice 397-35651-psh7
08/07/1998 State of Oregon Employment v. Washington (In re Lessie M. Washington) 98-3115
08/04/1998 In re Mitchel Allen Hanson, In re Gregory and Linda Hetland 393-34633-rld13; 393-37290-elp13
07/31/1998 Grassmueck v. Golden West Homes (In re T L Concepts, Inc.) 97-6010-fra
07/28/1998 In re Hoover 9th Cir. 97-35479
07/17/1998 In re Arrow Transportation Company of Delaware 397-34556-psh11
07/14/1998 Schwarzenberg Associates v. Helmut and Helga Schwarz (In re Helmut and Helga Schwartz) 98-6068-fra
07/01/1998 In re I.F. and Lorraine Rodgers, In re I.F. Rodgers & Sons Dist. Ct. 98-6174-HO
06/19/1998 In re Lutzke 697-64902-aer13
06/11/1998 In re Williams 397-36061-elp7
06/09/1998 Advanta National Bank, USA v. Meneley (In re Meneley) 97-3479
06/03/1998 Mitchell v. Burt & Gordon (In re Stein) Dist. Ct. 93-438-FR
05/22/1998 Indermuhle v. Indermuhle (In re Indermuhle) BAP # OR-97-1625-DoMeJ
05/14/1998 In re Floyd and Elaine Beam Dist. Ct. 97-6330-HO
05/13/1998 Koennecke v. Hartvig, et al. (In re Koennecke) BAP # OR-97-1556-DMeJ
05/12/1998 CUMIS Mutual Insurance Society v. Byers et al. (In re Byers) BAP # OR-97-1879-JDMe
04/27/1998 In re Edward and Kerry Osworth 697-67189-fra7
04/13/1998 Capo v. Robins Group LLC (In re Felix Capo) Dist. Ct. 98-6034-HO
04/07/1998 Hartvig v. Tri-City Baptist Temple of Milwaukie, Inc. (In re Gomes) 97-3309
03/18/1998 In re Zorn, Inc., In re Glenn Thomas Owen 696-66369-fra12; 696-66368-fra13
02/12/1998 Olsen v. Oregon (In re Gary B. Olsen) 97-6183-fra
01/27/1998 Sticka v. USA (In re Kathleen Sturgill) 97-6214-fra
12/30/1997 Batlan v. Equifax Check Services, Inc. (In re Smith's Home Furnishings, Inc.) 97-3134-elp
12/18/1997 United States Trustee v. Boulders On The River, Inc. (In re Boulders On The River, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 97-6138-HO
12/17/1997 Lee v. Jackson (In re David and Kathleen Jackson) 97-3313
12/10/1997 In re Steven Young 697-61826-fra13
12/08/1997 In re Helen Harney 697-64758-fra7
11/25/1997 In re Pletz 397-30506-elp13
11/23/1997 In re Jan Vanderspek and Barbara Gleasman 696-63082-fra13
11/18/1997 Hostmann v. Capital Consultants, Inc. et al. (In re WS, Inc.) 97-3138-dds
11/14/1997 Mitchell v. Burt & Gordon (In re Stein) Dist. Ct. 93-438-FR
11/03/1997 U.S. v. Beam (In re Beam) BAP # OR-97-1181-NJH
10/27/1997 In re Steven and Rhonda Schafer 697-63752-fra7
10/06/1997 Sticka v. Wilbur (In re Wilma Wilbur) 9th Cir. 96-35848
10/06/1997 In re Brannon 396-34880-elp13
09/29/1997 In re Eric and Shawna Laughlin 696-62858-fra7
09/18/1997 In re Nauman BAP # OR-97-1264-JHN
09/16/1997 St. John v. Train Mountain Foundation (In re St. John) BAP # OR-97-1281-JHN
09/05/1997 Carter v. H & B Jewelry & Loan Co. (In re Carter) 96-3736-elp
09/02/1997 In re Archie and Pamela Walter 697-60419-fra7
08/26/1997 Zeeb v. Knight (In re In-Shape International, Inc.) 96-6031-fra
08/22/1997 Freddy Roberts v. United States (In re Freddy Roberts) 97-6006-fra
08/01/1997 In re Knight 397-33409-psh7
07/03/1997 In re Donald and Julie Towry 695-64263-fra11
07/01/1997 Indermuhle v. Indermuhle (In re Indermuhle) 97-3014-dds
06/30/1997 In re McElroy 397-30230-elp13
06/27/1997 Mitchell v. Burt & Gordon (In re Stein) Dist. Ct. 93-438-FR
06/25/1997 Michael Grassmueck, Inc. v. Virginia Carrick (In re Stephen Carrick) 96-6270-fra
06/23/1997 Robins Group, LLC v. Felix Capo (In re Felix Capo) 96-6291-fra
06/18/1997 Bright et al. v. Ritacco (In re Ritacco) 96-6204-aer
06/16/1997 Carter v. H & B Jewelry & Loan Co. (In re Carter) 96-3736-elp
05/21/1997 In re Knipe Dist. Ct. 97-366-MA
05/02/1997 Hostmann v. Marine Consultants, Inc. et al (In re W.S., Inc.) 95-3601
04/21/1997 Mitchell v. Burt & Gordon (In re Stein) Dist. Ct. 93-438-FR
04/18/1997 Vinzant v. Knupp (In re Vinzant) 9th Cir. 95-36225
04/08/1997 In re Samantha M. Smith 696-64564-fra7
04/03/1997 U.S. Trustee v. Tank (In re Stacy) 96-3303-elp
04/02/1997 Robins Group, LLC v. Felix Capo (In re Felix Capo) 96-6291-fra
04/01/1997 In re Hoover Dist. Ct. 96-1633-HA
03/26/1997 Talley v. California Student Aid Comm. et al. (In re Aleta Talley) 96-6094-aer
03/20/1997 Batlan v. Merchants Home Delivery Service, Inc. (In re Smith's Home Furnishings, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 97-368-FR
03/12/1997 Elizabeth Adams v. Allen Hays Adams, Jr. (In re Allen Adams, Jr.) 96-3127
02/28/1997 Grassmueck v. Clearwater-Thompson (In re Clearwater) 96-3367-elp
02/26/1997 Amwest Surety Insurance Co. v. U.S. Nat. Bank et al. (In re Comcraft, Inc.) 96-6117-fra
02/13/1997 Pacific Western Development Corp. v. Pacific Capital Partners et al. (In re Pacific Western Development) Dist. Ct. 96-1283-HA
02/07/1997 In re Agritherm Products 695-60908-fra7
02/05/1997 In re Bentley 9th Cir. 95-35806
01/31/1997 In re Boulders on the River, Inc. 692-64208-aer11
01/29/1997 Yaden v. Hales (In re Jim Bob Hales) 94-6417-fra
01/09/1997 In re Robert A. Decker Dist. Ct. 96-692-HA
01/07/1997 In re Rutter 696-61457-aer7
12/23/1996 In re Miguel and Vicki Medina BAP # OR-95-1535-VJH, OR-95-1616
12/09/1996 USNB v. Franz (In re Franz) 96-3421
11/14/1996 In re Michael A. Monniere Dist. Ct. 96-691-HA
11/01/1996 In re Century Cleaning Services, Inc. 395-36126-elp7
11/01/1996 Potter v. Double T. Farming et al. (In re Potter) Dist. Ct. 96-1300-RE
10/03/1996 In re Samuel Richards, In re Rex and Kimberly Morris, In re Thomas Chambers 696-62812-fra13, 696-63076-fra13, 696-63243-fra13
10/03/1996 Ford v. Ford (In re Ford) Dist. Ct. 96-482-HA
09/30/1996 In re Allen Care Centers, Inc. 9th Cir. 94-36060
09/26/1996 Crites v. State of Oregon (In re Douglas Bachman Crites) 96-3057
09/23/1996 In re Goude 690-64256-aer13
09/03/1996 In re Moore 695-61480-aer13
08/29/1996 In re Sam Jeffries, In re James Jeffries Dist. Ct. 95-28, 95-29
08/27/1996 In re Lynn A. Apsel 695-60419-fra13
08/26/1996 Whitlock et al. v. Water Sports, Inc. (In re Water Sports, Inc.) BAP # OR-95-1386-HVJ
08/19/1996 Halbert v. NW Educational Loan Assoc. (In re Halbert) 96-3106
08/16/1996 Fenters v. United States Trustee (In re Fenters) Dist. Ct. 96-6073
08/16/1996 Grassmueck v. Liberty Northwest Ins. Co. (In re U & R Express, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 96-6176
08/12/1996 In re Virgil and Betty Williams 696-62755-fra13
08/08/1996 Wallis v. McGrath (In re Hermelinda McGrath) 95-6275-fra
08/02/1996 State of Oregon v. Morrow (In re Belozer Farms, Inc.) BAP # OR-96-1125-JHV
07/26/1996 Huntley v. Snyder (In re Gerald Snyder) 95-6190-fra
07/15/1996 In re Americold Corporation 395-33058-elp11
07/10/1996 USA v. Sherwood (In re Sherwood) Dist. Ct. 96-6140
06/24/1996 In re Thompson 396-30581-elp7
06/19/1996 In re Vijay and Joycelyn Nakka 693-60770-fra13
06/08/1996 Sticka v. Wilbur (In re Wilma Wilbur) Dist. Ct. 96-6076-HO
06/06/1996 National Management Services, Inc. v. Mitchell (In re CCC BES, Inc.) Dist. Ct. 95-1276-HA
05/09/1996 Hostmann v. U.S. Marine Management, Inc. (In re WS, Inc.) 95-3649-dds
04/18/1996 Pacific Western Development Corp. v. Pacific Capital Partners et al. (In re Pacific Western Development) 94-3578-dds
04/10/1996 In re Alranco, Inc. 395-32652-dds7
04/03/1996 In re Franklyn C. Limbaugh and Laurie A. Limbaugh 395-35375-psh13
04/03/1996 In re Edwin L. and Susan Stacy Dist. Ct. 96-33-MA
04/01/1996 Batlan v. State of Washington (In re Smith's Home Furnishings, Inc.) 95-3460
03/29/1996 Mitchell v. Burt & Gordon (In re Stein) 9th Cir. 93-36186
03/27/1996 In re North Valley Auto Center, Inc. 691-62502-fra7
03/22/1996 In re Robert and Sharon Lee 695-64213-fra13
03/11/1996 United States Trustee v. Robert Tank (In re Stacy) 95-3471
03/11/1996 Continuing Committee v. Hogue (In re Beaver Coaches, Inc.) 95-3547
03/11/1996 In re Stacy 395-33618-elp7
03/01/1996 In re David R. Whitehead 695-64334-fra13
02/07/1996 In re Ralph Edward Dodson and Nadine Phyllis Dodson 394-36509-psh13
01/31/1996 In re Michael A. Monniere 395-35991-psh13
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